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bennelson 01-20-12 04:40 PM

Salvaged black board
I recently got some material from a friend - salvaged black board (actual all-natural slate!) for a school building that closed.

It was too big for where I wanted it to go in my house, so I had to cut it. After a little advice from a friend who works in tile, it didn't sound too hard, so I gave it the DIY try.

I made a video about it.

Recycling a an Old-School Chalkboard - YouTube

I was only able to mount one of the smaller cut-off's so far.

Later this weekend, I'll work on a wood frame for the large piece.

S-F 01-20-12 09:24 PM

The video rocks.
You have a lot more class and style than I do. Whish I were so creative.

The edge you cut looked pretty rough on the corner. Was that just the ice and frozen debris? The plane of the cut itself looked pretty clean.

And how do I go about getting one of those?

bennelson 01-20-12 10:44 PM

The cut was actually pretty clean.

All the rough look to the edge was the frozen mud. I wet the slate before I cut it an had a wet sponge I tried to keep pressed against the cut-off disc.

The hardest part was keeping everything from freezing. It was less than 10 degrees outside, and me with wet hands. I think we can all tell who the genius was here.

I took the one cut-off inside, and washed it off in the bathtub. A little sandpaper cleaned up the edges very nice.

Here's a photo of the finished cut-off piece. Two of the edges are "factory" and two are cuts that I made. The near edge in this photo is one that I cut. Came out very clean.

Ryland 01-22-12 06:38 PM

I once did a slate floor in a straw bail house using rough slate so we did a bunch of cutting on it, a wet tile saw works good but the slate has enough oil in it that it makes an oil slick on top of the water after a while and the mud from cutting it can stain, a few cuts is not an issue of course, it's a pretty soft rock so like Ben said, sand paper will take off sharp corners, even a file or rasp will cut it, but it has paper thin layers to it so it can flake off if you are not careful.

My parents have slate black board spaced out from the two walls next to their wood cook stove, functioning as the non combustible material that is required to protect the wall.

bennelson 01-22-12 10:32 PM

I was thinking that natural slate would be a neat material for many places around the home.

Instead of a tile backsplash, you could have a slate one you could write on!

I saw some neat photos of a party serving tray made from slate. The hostess would write in chalk on the tray to label food items.

bennelson 02-04-12 06:07 PM

Just finished this project.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Recycled Chalkboard: Part 2 - YouTube

NeilBlanchard 02-06-12 05:36 PM

Perfect use for it -- I put up a chalkboard in exactly the same place in my house. Your recycled slate is far cooler, though.

Do you play darts? A smaller chalkboard would be great for that. Or a place for notes / lists for household use.

bennelson 02-06-12 08:00 PM

I'm not very good at darts, but YES, a small slate would be perfect for keeping score at pub and arcade games!

When I originally cut the slate, I did it in such a way that I would end up with two smaller, yet usable sized pieces.

The larger of the two "scraps" was mounted to the side of my kitchen island specifically as a place for messages.
I just mounted that one with "mirror hanger clips" straight to the woodwork. I sanded-down the corners first, so there's no rough edges.

The last piece of slate is a bit smaller than the kitchen message board. I might just use it as a portable/changeble sign, for meeting welcomes, etc.

Here's the big "School Wall" chalkboard in use.

AlanE 02-09-12 11:43 PM

Nice project. If you get a chance to salvage some of the counters in HS chem labs there is a good likelihood that they are made of soapstone and that's turning into a premium kitchen counter material and it is easily worked by hobbyist tools.

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