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pinballlooking 02-10-21 09:00 PM

I bought a 74 year old compressor today on Market place.
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The tank ends are just under ” steel head .230 Shell .221 it was built 1947. The sides are almost that thick.

It has so much oil on it there is no rust on the tank.
It has a Quincy 325 pump. This pump has been made for years and more than two million sold. QR series was started 1937 and they still make the QR 325 today.
Rated 18.7cfm at 175 psi

It has a three phase motor. I may just get a single phase 5 HP motor.

I had to drive over two hours one way to get it.
It was outside Charlotte North Carolina.

I got if for $100

jeff5may 02-10-21 09:16 PM

Nice! You got a steal on that one.

pinballlooking 02-10-21 09:25 PM

Thanks, I was excited to get it. This one can be a real compressor backup to my compressor I use in the shop. It is supper close to the same output as my good compressor.

If I connect my 19 CFM and this one together sandblasting should be much better.

The guy bought it from bought the building it was in and it was no longer needed. He said it was still being used when they disconnected it.

pinballlooking 02-11-21 01:29 PM

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Here it is after two car wash cycles. Their degreaser is usually decent but today is was not very good.

It is still cleaner than it was. I think I will just order a VFD and run this three-phase motor. I never tried that before but this is a very beefy motor.

The outside was supper dirty but the oil in it looks new.

Based on the (ROC number) record of change number 14 and talking to Quincy this pump was made about 1970 so the tank is older than the pump. The pump is about 51 years old.

The number after the model number is the record of change number.
That is the number to find the parts manual you need and also tells you about what year it was made.

pinballlooking 02-12-21 08:55 AM

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I ordered a VFD to run the 3 phase motor. You can use the pressure switch to tell the VFD to start and stop.

The pressure switch only breaks a ground so I can use the cheap pressure switch I already bought. I will use the pressure gauge I already bought for this compressor.

I also ordered two new diaphragms for the unloaders. They wear out over time so they will need to be replaced.

I ordered a new gauge for the oil pump.

That is all I getting until I test it out.

pinballlooking 02-12-21 09:39 PM

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One can of degreaser and I got the motor off. I was to cold for the pressure washer. Maybe next time is will not be so cold

Before after.

pinballlooking 02-16-21 11:34 AM

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My VFD came in I researched it and had it setup to run the motor. The motor would not run.
I have a old 1 HP 3 phase motor connected it up to the VFD it ran fine.

I old motor resistance was good. I took it apart and it had a ton of dirt in it. The local motor repair wanted $40 to test it.
I am not going down that rabbit hole.

I found this true 5 HP single phase motor on ebay. It had a best offer. I offered $375 and they took it.
Leeson 131537.00 Electric Motor 5 HP 1725 rpm 1PH 230 VAC Single 184T Frame.

This should be a good motor for it.
It will run full power now anyway.
Same motor as this one.

More goodies.

pinballlooking 02-17-21 09:17 AM

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Looking again at the picture. It has to be leaking oil from the seal on the pulley side.

In the manual it just shows the seal and the cover together.
The real seal had the right part number.
This is the right seal
My intercoolers were caked solid with dirt and oil. That oil had to come from somewhere. It was not expensive so by some slim chance it is not leaking then I will have the seal on hand.

pinballlooking 02-19-21 12:26 PM

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I have not had time to work on my compressor. It has been really cold here but next week it will warm up.
My new motor and magnetic starter switch and pressure switch and safety valve came in.
Still waiting on oil seal and unloader diaphragms.

So I had to at least open the inspection cover to look inside.

This looks encouraging.

pinballlooking 02-22-21 11:41 AM

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I was able to put more degreaser on it and pressure wash it. I think I am finally there.
Some of my parts seem to be lost in the mail.

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