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SentinelAeon 10-02-18 09:17 AM

laptop plastic cases (re-use/repurpose ideas?)
I have plenty of laptop cases at home and i am wondering whether to throw them away or do something nice with them. 1 idea is to melt them in oven into nice plastic pieces and use them for some project. Any other ideas ?

SentinelAeon 10-22-18 01:34 PM

No one has any good ideas ?

Daox 10-25-18 09:02 AM

Put stuff in it to store? Are you talking soft cases or hard cases?

SentinelAeon 10-25-18 09:24 AM

I am talking about a plastic case in which laptop components and screen are in. I took usefull things out, like motherboard, screen, procesor, etc. Now i am left with empty plastic cases. I was thinking about melting them into some usefull pieces, like stand for my drills, etc.

Daox 10-25-18 02:47 PM

I can't imagine doing much with them besides cutting them up for projects, or melting them down as you said.

SentinelAeon 10-25-18 03:02 PM

I was thinking of melting plastic into ingots that i would later use. The best idea so far i got was simply puting plastic into blender, blending it into fine dust, and after that using the oven to melt it. Do you know of a better idea to do it ?

Daox 11-01-18 01:05 PM

Nope, and I'm not even sure how you would melt them down in a nice fashion to begin with. Do you have plastic working equipment?

SentinelAeon 11-01-18 01:11 PM

I dont have anything special, but i did melt some plastic in the oven in the past. It was hard plastic that i was able ti blend in a blender, then i put it into glass container that had cardboard mold inside. It worked out fine. BUt it was a lot of work. And it wont work for plastic from bottles - i wasnt able to blend that plastic since it is to soft. And unless it is blended, it wont melt nicely.

jeff5may 11-03-18 12:01 AM

This guy has beat you to the solution to your problem:
Visit precious plastic dot com for the rest of the story.

SentinelAeon 11-03-18 08:53 AM

Basicly it is very simple, but i would need to make a mill to grind the plastic into small pieces. Oh, and obviously find a good spot to put all that plastic after i melt it :)

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