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Daox 08-16-16 09:08 PM

GreenWorks G-24 24V Cordless Trimmer - $35
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Just ran across this and figured you guys may be interested. The trimmer has some pretty good reviews on amazon.

GreenWorks G-24 24V Cordless Trimmer - Target - $35

pinballlooking 08-16-16 10:04 PM

Thanks for posting I will get my wife pick one of these up tomorrow. Our lake place lawn is not real big this will be great for it. I have a small gas one there but it always needs something. It does not get used enough to keep it in good shape.

pinballlooking 08-17-16 08:31 AM

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My wife just got back they had two of them but the other one was opened.
She bought the sealed one and it is charging now.

pinballlooking 08-17-16 03:41 PM

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Ebay had a GreenWorks 37012A 24V Speed Compact Drill Tool for $32 shipped no battery or charger.
I have a battery and charger with the weed eater and will just use its battery.

I also ordered a 10" chain saw that uses the same battery.
$35 shipped.

So for a $102 I now have a drill, small chain 10" saw and a weed eater. Not to bad
I do a lot of tree trimming for our water view.

pinballlooking 08-22-16 09:18 AM

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My drill came in the mail. I like it so far it feels powerful and has good balance. I am building a new doghouse and I will use it for that. I will report back how it did.
It has a 4 year warranty.

My chain saw got here today. My battery did not fit I called Greenworks. They have two different lines of 24v tools and the battery are not interchangeable. The battery I have is G-24 series the chain saw is an enhanced series even know it does not say that on the box.
I will have to send my chain saw back to bad it was such a good deal 35 shipped.

pinballlooking 08-28-16 02:54 PM

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The chain saw was such a great deal $35 shipped. I could not get a chain saw that worked with my battery for anything close to that cost. I would also have to pay to ship the one I got back at my expense.
So I decided to keep my saw and modify it to work with my battery. The other battery is just longer than the new battery.
So I used my hot knife that my wife had bought me one year for Xmas.
It turned out good and now it works great with my battery. The battery is harder to get out than a normal tool.
But I don’t want to make it too easy because I don’t want it to slip out while I am using it.

Daox 08-28-16 06:53 PM

Nice mod. I bet the saw is going to be hard on your battery though. It may not be designed for the amperage draw that the saw pulls?

pinballlooking 08-29-16 08:31 AM

My battery is used in the new chain saw. The new battery design is just a little shorter but the same 2AH. ( I agree it should suck down the battery it has a 2 year warranty)
It gets decent reviews for small limbs.

I have a nice gas chain saw for cutting up bigger wood.

They claim 35 min cutting time on a full charge I would be surprised if this was true.

The main reason I wanted the small saw was for the lake lot. I have a permit to trim the trees up to 18’ high this is controlled by the army corps of engineers. I wanted something lightweight when I was up a ladder trimming limbs. I have a elect pole saw that works well but the cord can be a pain.

I might try it out here on some limbs to get a feel how it will work.

pinballlooking 09-11-16 07:50 PM

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Here are the chain saw results.
I cut up a tree with my new chain saw. This will not be its normal duty but it had fallen and I needed to cut it up. I cut the branches off the tree. This is what this saw does the best at and why I bought it. Then I cut some logs to the max capacity of the saw.
It runs slower than a gas saw the battery lasted 17 min. But some of the cutting was much larger than I would normally have this saw do. I was pleased on how it performed. I was using it a 8:30 in the morning at the lake a I could never use a gas that early it would wake everyone up. This saw no problem at all.
I have used the drill and it worked very well and is small and lite.
I used the weed eater it lasted for what I needed it to do with no issues.
I am grateful for the heads up on the weed eater/ battery. The value of these three tools was very good and I am happy with them.

Daox 09-13-16 10:23 AM

I'm very glad to hear they're working out well for you.

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