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Vlad 07-01-12 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by Xringer (Post 22738)
I looked at the manual again, but I can't see any reason why both heating elements can't be re-wired in series, and be controlled by just one thermostat.

Yes you can rewire the way you like it. You only have to consider thermostat's difference.

In my case I used only 1 element (actually never used it but it is there for back up) and 1 thermostat to control it. Lower element I took out and used it's hole as an extra water connection for HX circulation. It's thermostat I use for circulation pump control.

There is no NO or CAN'T for DIY.

I think many DIY guys reading this forum are able to build even better unit from just junk.

Just get an old AC condensing unit and build one. Your Sanyo unit is much better unit and more powerful use R290 in it and you will beat this hot water toy :).

berniebenz 07-01-12 06:04 PM

Another A7 AirTap install

Originally Posted by S-F (Post 22722)
I like this idea because you can disconnect the heat pump in the winter.

Thanks Xringer for posting all your wild and meandering thoughts about this unit.

Got mine several days ago and am planning to install it on my 45 gal condensing propane fired WH. This WH, an early Heat Transfer Products 90K BTU/hr input “Voyager“ with internal HX for in floor hydronic heating, has been in DHW and In floor radiant service 17 years now. A most reliable WH excepting the HSI, now converted to spark ign.

This WH has no taps on the top so I plan to sit the A7 on isolation foam directly on the flat top of the WH. No use for their brackets. The condenser tubing will enter the WH thru the T&P side port with the T&P moved to the side port of the A7 adaptor fitting. My concern is inserting this A7 tubing bundle into the WH without getting it hung up on the combustion chamber and all the HX tubing already in there. <> A trial and error job.

The WH and 2 zone in floor system is on /in the back wall of a large attached 2 car garage, 35’x35’x10’ (with little used in floor heat). The plan is to use the A7 for about 9 months of the year, reverting back to propane for the sub 32F period here in N. Nevada at 4700’. Maybe with an outside thermostat and
house calling for heat, yet to be worked out.

More later. Keep up the good work, guys!

Xringer 07-01-12 07:42 PM

I am a wild and meandering kinda guy.. :)

I will be meandering over to Home Depot early this week to see about the tank. (and other hardware).
Going with the GE 40 gallon, since it cost less and should have a little less loss compared to the 50 gal.

I'm not going to add-on to my oil boiler, because it's really old.
I've already had a major repair, due to rust..

IIRC, the welder charged me around $400 for this job.
(took this pic during the pressure test. It leaked).
Rust can happen in areas where you can't see. What worries me now is, is the bottom plate.
If it starts leaking down there, I'll have to uninstall the whole unit and flip it
on it's side to cut out the bad section and weld on a new plate..

That would leave us without any hot water for a long time.. (I work very slow).
So, having two HW heaters is better than one.. If one is really old.. :)

Not sure how the R22 copper tube will loop inside a regular water heater tank,
in the artist conception pics, it's nice loops.. In real life, it might be messy.
If the area has a lot of square corners in it, you might try having a bit of
curve in the copper as you push it in. (If that's possible).
Even a little curve might allow it to feed around in somewhat of a loop,
instead of just jamming up, folding over and kinking up.. (cutting off R22 flow)..
If that happens to me, my backup plan is to use the HX I've already purchased for this ASHP HW project..

PaleMelanesian 07-02-12 12:49 PM

Sort of related: I picked up a GE Geospring heat pump water heater this weekend for half price from sears. They told me there's a new model coming out. $600 out the door and it should pay back in ~2 years compared to the regular electric heater I have now.

I need to relocate it as the current one is in a tiny closet and these need airflow. That's my next house project - plumbing and wiring for the new heater. 220V so still no kill-a-watt to read it.

Daox 07-02-12 01:06 PM

Wow, that was a steal of a deal. Nice find!

Xringer 07-02-12 02:43 PM

Wow, such a deal! Congrats! And it's going to work great in Texas!

Well, the bad news is, my back is still super sore, so no tank today..
But, the good news in the power monitor came in today.. It's nice!

Xringer 07-05-12 06:29 PM

FREE! Hotwater ASHP HW heaters!
At Lowes, they have this now..

GE GeoSpring 50-Gallon 10-Year Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (ENERGY STAR)
Item #: 386797 | Model #: GEH50DEEDSR $999.00
Was: $1,199.00 (Save 16% thru 07/15/2012)

Sears has the same deal, on GE GeoSpring™ Hybrid Water Heater
NEW Item !| | Sears Item# 04232200000 | Model# GEH50DEEDSR

NStar (power co) is said to be handling out $1,000 Rebates!!
But, they demand "Must be installed by licensed contractor".. No DIY... :(


Anyways, I picked up the tank today and some small parts I'll need to install it.
(The cost is adding up!! I hope this thing works)!!

Pretty danged heavy for an old guy with back pains.. :(

The A7 is ready to go.. :)

This weekend, I hope to find a place to install this stuff.

berniebenz 07-05-12 06:51 PM

A7 + GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater?
How is this going to work?

Xringer 07-05-12 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by berniebenz (Post 22867)
A7 + GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater?
How is this going to work?

That box in my basement isn't a hybrid WH heater. It's the plain old electric HW 40 gallon heater
I referred to in post#15 above

I posted about the GE GeoSpring 50-Gallon Hybrid in response to PaleMelanesian's post about to great deal he got on his new ASHP HWH..

berniebenz 07-05-12 09:15 PM

Difficult to back track on the iterations on this thread but, the A7 is not to be an add-on to the old oil fired HWH, but you are apparently anxious to install it. The new GE hybrid is already an ASHP so doesn’t need the A7 attached. The old WH is being replaced with the new GE? Where are we with the A7? We old Farts think slowly.

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