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Daox 10-07-10 06:37 PM

Wow, very impressive results gasstingy! Thats a 20% reduction!

If I recall correctly, the 'nut' has holes in it. Stick a screw driver in there and smack it sideways to tighten it down a bit more.

Higgy 01-17-11 02:59 PM

Both toilets are now dual flush in my house. The hydroright was on sale for $25 at Canadian Tire so I picked another one up. Was a breeze to install the second time around.

Daox 02-06-14 09:01 AM

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I just saw this on amazon as I was poking around on there looking for energy conservation stuff. Its a handle kit for the hydroright dual flush conversion kit. One of the things I didn't love about the kit was that the button could be hard for a child to push. I would imagine the lever would take care of it.

BlueSource BSP38 Split Handle Flush Activator for HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter by MJSI

gasstingy 02-06-14 09:04 AM

Agreed on the button being hard to push for some. I'll look into this new style handle and see what I think about changing the handle in the hallway bathroom.

Quest 02-12-14 11:15 PM

Glad that you folks have been having fun (and decent results) RE: hydroright dual flush toilet conversion.

I'm assuming that you folks are all dealing/playing with 13L flush? ( 4 US Gal)? I own a few of these hydroright dual-flush conversion units, with one currently still in use @ my parent's house. Here in Canada for 13L flush units, we typically have Crane. My experience with dual-flush conversion is that it doesn't flush very well (ended up using the full flush 1/2 of the time), and due to poor rim wash (with 1/2 flush button), it tends to stain up the bowl level below the water line fairly quickly (ended up using chemical toilet scrub almost every week as a result) and smells too.

Due to construction code, my house initially came with 13L Eljer also (3x), and none of the conversions work out properly (same results: need frequent rim scrub due to staining when using 1/2 flush function, not flushing properly for the 1/2 flush part, etc.)

Worse yet: my Eljers have a tendency to clog (and then overflow), which leads to all sorts of problems.

I finally cut to the chase and replaced all 3 of them with Foremost Opal 6L flush, and no more flushing or staining issues. Opal is rated Map @1000gms, and I have yet to clog any one of my 3 yet. Also: they already came with ultra high-gloss glaze on the toilet rim part, and with sufficient rim wash in every flush, I only need to scrub the toilet bowl (due to water line stains, not that smelly/funky full staining with the dual conversion setup on 13L units)once a month.

Because my municipality charges waste discharge (garbage collection, recycling collection, greenbin collection, as well as waste water treatment fee, etc.) based on a fixed percentage of fresh water usage (yes, we are on water meter here), and I've been able to save around 38% over the old 13L flush toilets with my 6L units....and from that day onwards: I've been able to start saving from water consumption and put that savings back into my family coffer to recoup the cost of the 6L toilets.

Oh well, just thought to share my experience RE: dual conversion flush.


Daox 02-13-14 07:21 AM

The one I'm using is on my 1.5 gpf / 6lpf toilet and it works great. I don't know the brand off hand. As I mentioned in an earlier post I couldn't install it on my other 1.5 gpf toilet because of its weird flushing mechanism.

Quest 02-13-14 09:57 PM


Is that the one with an inside rectangular tub that holds water until you flip the level switch and the tub dumps water ? I think it's made by Niagara Conservation.

I initially had my eyes on them too but missed the municipality rebate deadline and missed the entire deal (gets 200 bux rebate back for 2 toilet units, ended up each unit costing approx 48 bux...or something like that).


Daox 02-17-14 10:07 AM

No, this is just an american standard toilet or something.

pinballlooking 02-17-14 10:44 AM

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I am going to get one of these today. Home Depot has it with the new flush handle. For $19.98

BlueSource HydroRight Dual Flush Converter-HYR271 at The Home Depot

pinballlooking 02-18-14 08:20 AM

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Ok nothing is ever easy. The flush valve is a few inches off the bottom of the tank. This puts everything above the tank. The flush handle square will not fit flush with the tank the tank hole needs widened some.

I bought a new shorter flush valve but I will have to take the tank off to do this. This job may have to wait until the weekend.

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