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randen 01-03-18 07:20 AM

Solar augmented mini split
Impressive build. Have a peek:


Roostre 01-04-18 08:29 PM

So cool to watch a true craftsman at work.

Gives me ideas. :thumbup:

where2 01-05-18 06:43 PM

I need to do something where I have that sort of free time in my life for projects around the house... I sent the video link to a buddy of mine who also would love to have that much free time in his life, and cut down his 2776kWh electric bill last month! (he had some propane consumption on top of the 2776kWh electric bill too!)

Roostre 01-05-18 07:29 PM

Yeah. He has a pretty awesome set of tools at his disposal too.

Piwoslaw 01-06-18 12:42 AM

Great idea! I have thought about ways of utilizing heat from cooling PVs, and of using solar to preheat intake air for a heat pump, but this merges both:)

Everything looks great, only one thing got me thinking:

During winter nights, air will be drawn through the heat pump from under the house to help recover any heat loss from the floor system.
If you are losing heat through your floor, then you will lose less and less as the air under the floor gets warmer by accumulating this heat. If you use this heated air for the heat pump (boosting its efficiency), then it will be replaced with cold air, increasing heat loss through the floor.

Of course, if there is a breeze under your house and you are losing the warm air anyway, then passing it through the heat pump makes sense.

Rebuilder 01-15-18 04:19 AM

I saw that video a couple of weeks ago and was amazed by his craftsmanship and ingenuity! I can't wait to start implementing some of the great energy saving ideas from this forum.

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