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NeilBlanchard 03-23-18 10:39 PM

DIY Battery Storage
I am curious to hear about any experience folks may have with building your own battery storage system; to store electricity from a solar PV array and/or a wind turbine.

There are a few groups that do this (including one on Facebook), and I may be doing this, if I can't buy a system in the next couple of years.

NiHaoMike 03-25-18 01:29 AM

I have put together a 12.8V, 82Ah LiFePO4 pack (4S15P 32650s) as a drop in replacement for a common 12V lead acid and am currently working on a 16.4V, 65Ah LiMn (2x Nissan Leaf modules) smart battery pack.

BTW, look up Rinoa Super-Genius if you want to know how to test and reuse discarded 18650s. She has done a lot with 18650s, from building packs for hybrid bicycles to even cutting open bad cells (don't try that unless you really know what you're doing) in order to study them. If nothing else, watch her show off her strength lifting one end of a Nissan Leaf battery pack in preparation for extracting the modules.

NeilBlanchard 03-25-18 08:13 AM

Sounds excellent, Mike! How are you using it - do you only use it in emergencies, or all the time? Is it integrated into your AC power, or is it standalone?

NiHaoMike 03-25-18 10:21 PM
The LiFePO4 pack is part of my UPS/solar setup and the smart pack can interconnect via an integrated DC/DC converter. The loads are all DC - direct 12V, 5V via DC/DC converters, or 170V DC via the HVDC UPS. The PMIC in the PC can be programmed to raise or lower the "cut in" voltage, useful for "peak zapping" in combination with programs like Ohmconnect.

The smart pack will have a number of additional features like a built in fast charger, HVDC output, USB charging outputs (including Quick Charge and Type C ports), and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity.

And as they say, "what matters is not what technology can do, but what you can do with it."

NeilBlanchard 03-26-18 07:17 AM

Excellent - that sounds like an efficient way to go. Staying DC makes sense for computers, or to charge electric cars.

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