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Piwoslaw 09-19-21 10:12 AM

[Poll] New SubForum - Energy Storage
EcoRenovator has subforums for a number of topics - from Heat Pumps, through Solar and Wind, to Conservation and even Gardening. A topic becoming increasingly popular in discussion about energy (especially renewable) is how to store it.

So what would you say to creating a new subforum for Energy Storage? For both large- and home-scale, theoretical possibilities and DIY projects.

pinballlooking 09-21-21 03:30 PM

I like the idea. As more EV cars get older and their batteries become available the energy storage for homes DIY will increase greatly.

Daox 09-24-21 08:41 PM

Very interesting topic. Lets see if there is interest!

NiHaoMike 10-04-21 12:16 AM

Perhaps just rename the "Solar Power" section to something like "Solar Power and Energy Storage"?

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