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Daox 09-25-08 11:33 AM

How to post pictures
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Posting pictures is very easy once you do it once or twice.

1) Click reply or start a new thread as you normally would.

2) Click on the "Manage Attachments" button under the "Additional Options" section below where you type your message.

3) In the manage attachments window, click the "Browse" button. A open window will pop up. Find your image and click the "Open" button.

4) Back on the manage attachments window, click the "Upload" button and your image will show up in the "Current Attachments" section of the window. Click on the link to the image you want to show. This will open up a new window.

5) Copy the URL address of the webpage (control+C or right mouse button and Copy) and close the window.
You can go back to the image page anytime by clicking the link again in the manage attachment window, or from the attach files section in your below your original post.

6) Finally, go back to your original post. Click in your post where you want the image to be inserted, and click on the image icon above the text area. Paste (control+v or right mouse button and Paste) the URL from the picture page into the window that pops up and click Ok.

That is how you insert a picture. Repeat the steps if you want to put in more pictures. FYI there is a limit of 5 per post though. Also, if you want to make sure you did it all right, click the "Preview Post" button. You can also cut and paste the image code if you want to move the picture around.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, or PM a moderator or admin.

iamgeo 11-17-13 09:45 AM

I notice some pictures are really, really huge. So huge that it makes it difficult to read and view the pictures due to having to scroll left and right.
Is there a fix for this?

Daox 11-18-13 08:36 AM

The forum software should automatically resize images if they're too big. Do you have a link to a thread where this happens?

iamgeo 11-18-13 09:35 AM

Daox 11-18-13 10:23 AM

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This is what I see when I go there.

Exeric 11-18-13 01:39 PM

Hi. I'm seeing what Daox is seeing so I figured it would resize them for everyone. I guess I should go back and try to reduce the size of the pictures I posted. Can't promise it will happen soon. I do promise that any further pictures I post will be reduced in size so the ecorenovator application doesn't have to do it. It sort of sounds like it isn't working for everyone.:(

Daox 11-18-13 01:50 PM

This is the first I've head of it. I think it would be better to get the software working right instead of trying to go back through a ton of pictures.

iamgeo 11-18-13 07:59 PM

I am using Firefox, have for years. This is the only forum I am experiencing the pics being HUGE.
Below is what I get.
I guess Firefox is not resizing them for me.

iamgeo 11-18-13 08:10 PM

I found the problem.
Below is a snapshot of the User Control Panel for this forum. In the red circle you will notice I have a Zero in each field.
I removed the Zero's and now the pics are just like yours Daox.

Daox 11-19-13 08:41 AM

Great! I'm glad we got that resolved.

Thanks for posting up the image so others can fix this if they have an issue too.

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