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pawanranta 12-23-20 01:28 AM


Originally Posted by Elcam84 (Post 60982)
Usually the LED replacements for them cost as much as new fixtures or more.

Here in Australia, we get rebates for LED replacements. Rebates on home LED lighting replacements are more.

Elcam84 12-23-20 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by pawanranta (Post 63339)
Here in Australia, we get rebates for LED replacements. Rebates on the home LED lighting replacements are more.

That would be nice. We don't get rebates for anything here. But that has to do with your electricity provider. Some do some don't. If your usage is high enough that can get you into a lower rate which is closer to the super cheap rate that businesses pay.
Also if you live in an area that has an electric Coop you can have solar panels but they will not pay you for excess power you pump into the grid. Coops are weird and their prices rely on them purchasing a known amount of power from suppliers and solar panels screw that up and make maintaining the what we bought to what our customers use balance to avoid excess costs from providers when they have to buy more or less electricity.

I have converted more of my 4' fixtures to LED and added a few fixtures. I decided to be lazy on the 5 8' fixtures and just convert them to 4'. I have the bulbs but I still need to pick up the conversion kits for the fixtures. I keep forgetting to get them when I am at the supply house.

I will say that I am really disappointed with the lumen output of most of the 4' LED bulbs on the market. There are some high output ones but they are stupid expensive for just a little more light. Because of that I will be adding a couple more fixtures for fill in light. Allot of that is due to how my shop is laid out the dark colored stuff in it that doesn't reflect light etc.

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