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Xringer 09-25-10 08:17 AM

Sale!! TCP 14-Watt Soft White Compact Fluorescent Flood Light Bulb (6 Pack)
Search on 762148105428 (UPC code?)

The contractor's pack at local Home Depot was marked $6.89

I got a pack and installed 2 in my new rear deck Ace IR sensor security light fixture.
They aren't as bright, but I kinda like not feeling like a flash-grenade
just went off, when I go out on the deck at night. :)

InDoor/Outdoor Not dimmable, but pretty nice for the in-store price..
Now that I can see the web prices, I should have picked up a few 6-packs!!
Check out your HD, they might have a good price on these..

TCP 14 Watt (65W) R30 Soft White, 6 Pack (E)*
Model # 8CPR30146 Internet # 100676709
Store SKU # 791552
The 14 watt CFL uses 75% less energy than a 65 watt incandescent floodlight and lasts up to 4 times longer. Ideal for use in recessed and track lighting. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. (E)* means this bulb meets Federal minimum efficiency standards.

* Light Output: 640 Lumens
* Energy Used: 14 Watts
* Life Hours: 8,000 Hours
* Save up to $293.00 in energy costs over life of bulbs
* Soft white provides a warm, full glow, similar to incandescent bulbs
* 7 year warranty
* 7 year warranty
* Eco Options : Eco Options
* MFG Brand Name : TCP
* MFG Model # : 8CPR30146

Daox 09-25-10 09:32 AM

Wow, nice price!

I'm still trying/waiting for par20 dimmable lights that are better than halogen (LED or CFL works). I haven't been able to find any though.

Xringer 09-25-10 09:49 AM

These little floods are just the right size for my new Ace outdoor fixture. The old Incan floods just looked way too big..
I still have three spare Incan floods, so the remaining 4 lamps aren't needed just yet.

These are likely to find use in work lamps I use in my basement metal shop and ham work bench.
We also have a couple of living area indirect-lighting fixtures that may be able to use small floods.. :)

These were actually cheaper than $1.15 each, since I was using my GI Vet 10% off too.. :D

With the other stuff we picked up, the Veteran discount saved us $6.86 (a small pizza)?

RobertSmalls 09-25-10 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by Xringer (Post 8315)
With the other stuff we picked up, the Veteran discount saved us $6.86 (a small pizza)?

Or another box of bulbs!

Xringer 09-25-10 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by RobertSmalls (Post 8316)
Or another box of bulbs!

Funny you said that.. A couple of hours ago, my wife told me she would
be passing near the Reading MA. HD next week..
I asked her to pick up another 6-pack if there were any left over..

They had these 6-packs for less than $2 at some stores, back in January..

Six Pack TCP Brand 14 Watt CFL Reflector Light Bulbs (65 Watt Equivalent) $1.98 originally $17.88 Home Depot B&M YMMV - Forums

Must be dumping the last of them by now..

Xringer 09-27-10 02:21 PM

My wife just paid a full $6.89 for another 6-pack.. Didn't get the 10% Vet discount,
but still a very good deal!

Humm, I just might retire some of my outdoor Incandescent floods..
Instead of waiting for them to die a normal death.. :cool:

RobertSmalls 09-28-10 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by Xringer (Post 8382)
Incandescent floods..

Oh, that's what an Incan lamp is? :rolleyes: I thought you had lots of ancient Peruvian style light fixtures.

Considering the operating cost of halogen and incandescent bulbs, I'm more than happy to throw them out and replace them even with $2-3 CFLs.

Xringer 09-28-10 10:40 AM

in-can-descent.?.:confused: Being lowered in a can?? Like one of those round elevators? ;)

These old incan floods have many hours left in them. Since they don't come on very often,
they cost very little to run. Compared to the dryer, they cost next to nothing.
And, I do like the amount of instant light they radiate. When needed..

BUT, the cost per bulb is way too high.. Compared to these 14w floods!

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