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Daox 01-05-09 03:17 PM

Using a revolving door as a generator
Do the words 'duh' come to mind when you think about this for even a few seconds? Haha, thats what I thought. Pretty good idea. They estimate that it'll put out about 4600 kWh per year, or 383 kWh per month. Not massive, but not tiny by far. That would almost power my house for a month.

Inhabitat The World’s First Energy-Generating Revolving Door

Doofus McFancypants 01-06-09 11:40 AM

very interesting.
we have revolving doors here in the office building - not the foot traffic this has -.
But when i bring my daughter to work - she has to go around the door at least 5 times....

very interesting idea for incremental savings.

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