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solarhotairpanels 12-27-20 07:23 AM

Keeping your solar hot water system super clean INSIDE
Just thought I'd post this info pertaining to hot water collection systems of all types.

When building your system you might want to think about installing flush valves similar to the ones utilized on ALL tankless hot water boilers.

You would install one flush valve on the outbound pipe that goes out to your collectors and one on the return pipe FROM collectors at the very 'end' of the system plumbing.

Flush valves allow you drain and flush your system with vinegar or isolate water inside the piping for needed repairs / changes you want to make to system etc., should they arise.

What the heck do I need to install those stupid things for?:confused:

When red hot water runs thru collectors and copper pipes the water gets contaminated as in RUSTY over time, especially when your water temps are 180 and above constantly. After a new system is all soldered together small particles of solder sometimes get trapped INSIDE the piping which can damage your pump internals if left in there.:mad:

Keeping your internals clean will save your pump and related valves from having to be replaced from wear and tear.

I have a tankless hot water boiler and drainback eavacuated tube hot water collection system in place at my house.

Here's a procedure I do at least once a year to keep my systems clean.

How to flush solar hot water drainback collector system:
Drain system
Dump 3 gallons of vinegar into 5 gallon bucket
Put sump pump into bucket
Connect a garden type hose from sump pump to pipe (flush valve) that goes out to collector
Connect another hose from collector (flush valve) return pipe back to 5 gal bucket
Turn on sump pump and pump vinegar thru system for 30 minutes
Dump bucket and replenish with fresh water
Run the pump again with the fresh water in bucket to flush out remaining rusty contaminated water

Anyway, I thought I'd post this stuff in the event someone found it interesting. All done!:thumbup:

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