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Arnel 07-02-20 07:16 AM

Press Release on launch of New Energy Pole by G Labs
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G labs proudly announces the launch of New Energy Pole that can Power most small homes. This energy pole is the first step to making energy sources much more feasible & flexible to general public

CrankyDoug 07-03-20 09:24 AM

Perhaps I am missing something. You have solar panels facing in two directions, mounted to a single pole such that a 5mph wind will result in rotational oscillation from vortex shedding. I estimate collapse at 10mph.

Then you top it with a wind generator that needs 10mph to produce perhaps half its rated output, while concurrently shading the PV's.

And it can be grid-tied to sell electricity back to the power company when not powering a single desktop computer. With CE/UL/NFPA certification?

All for $3000, putting it at $1.50 per wishful watt, higher than a well designed DIY PV installation that won't self-destruct in a wind gust.

We don't mind seeing new products here, as long as you don't mind critique from a bunch of engineers who've seen this stuff before.

Piwoslaw 07-05-20 01:42 PM

I would also like to know how this is better (more cost and/or energy efficient) than independently placing the wind turbine in a windy spot, and the PVs, all facing the same direction, in a place that is sunny, but not necessarily windy?

I understand the appeal of all-in-one units, but from my experience, something that is good for everything is good for nothing.

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