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Bicycle Bob 04-27-18 12:11 PM

RV Heat Storage
I'm fitting out a microcar as a one-man RV, and would like to store some heat for overnight and morning. The nights are still freezing here. If it gets a lot of use, I'll probably fit a water muffler to recover half of the combustion heat, as well as tapping into the cooling system for its quarter. A stove might replenish the heat for an extended stay.

I'm thinking that my water tank should contain lots of paraffin enclosed in tubes to maximize the heat storage and stabilize the temperature. I'd really appreciate any advice on such systems.

Piwoslaw 04-27-18 02:41 PM

Insulate the car's/RV's floor, ceiling and sides. Less heat loss will stretch your heat storage. I'm assuming that you already have warm clothes and warm sleeping bag in use?

Bicycle Bob 04-27-18 09:58 PM

I certainly plan to insulate, etc. but in this climate, losses can still be high. I also prefer a moderated temperature, so that I don't have to wake up and add a blanket every hour or so. If I start with the whole stack, I soak it with sweat.

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