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simenad 07-21-16 01:42 PM

I am adding couple of loops, fins and a trip tray to my cold water lines where they enter the house. Fan blowing across the fins will condense, drip into tray and run into the sewer lines.

MEMPHIS91 07-21-16 03:18 PM

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simenad, what temp is your water entering your house?

So I decided the dehumidifier coils were to small.
AND my guy with the free mini split backed out, so I remembered replacing my grandparents 3 ton r22 split system and decided to use that instead. Yep, 3 tons for a 5,000 btu compressor. :thumbup:

So I hacked the old compressor and parts out and added my tiny compressor.

Next was the indoor coils, I cut a hole in some scarp plastic and mounted my 12V fan. Then added the TXV.

I got all the electric side done, I simply just wire in all together. No switched, no sensors, just go go go. Its like a mosquito trying to suck the blood out of an elephant, IT JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. So I will have it on a timer to run when I think it best.

I added a 5 watt 120V fan to the outside coils and again used scarp plastic to fill in the gaps.

Here are the coils in the house. They are tuck away nicely. Kind of a steampunk style. I will build a wooden table to go over them one day.

And lastly I charged her up.

DATA: Charge (R290) was huge! Not sure how much but that is A LOT of copper tubing.
75 psi suction
225 psi discharge
10-13 superheat
3-6 subcooling
Its 104F outside
Pulling 3.3 amps total. This is including both fans.
Results, Drip, drip, drip, drip, SUCCESS!
Only real way to know is to see just how much water it can pull out of the air.
I might need a larger indoor fan, or figure out how to control the speed on this one. I got 3 wires. Red and Black make it go, and White I think is speed control. But I think I need a PWM thingi. Anyone know?

If it doesn't suck out enough moisture, I can always add a slightly larger compressor. But I not wasting this propane, I'll BBQ for a couple weeks as it slowly drains out. lol

Enjoy, as always please reply with ideas, concerns. Thanks guys!

simenad 07-21-16 07:11 PM

ground temp, well water is about 50 degrees

MEMPHIS91 07-21-16 07:30 PM

Simenad, I only wish I could get water that cold. How deep is your well? 60F is the temp for me at 30 feet deep.

jeff5may 07-21-16 10:28 PM

Thats outrageous! A 6x too big set of heat exchangers ought to max out your COP. Just remember that all the compressor cares about is pressure and compression ratio. With 100 degree outside temp, the pot will have to pump against this high pressure.

what brand/model is your fan? Is it electronic commutated or a brush drive motor?

MEMPHIS91 07-22-16 05:25 AM

Same fan, just without the LEDs

simenad 07-22-16 07:24 AM

75-80 feet.


Originally Posted by MEMPHIS91 (Post 51093)
Simenad, I only wish I could get water that cold. How deep is your well? 60F is the temp for me at 30 feet deep.

jeff5may 07-22-16 03:26 PM

those case fans are ecm. you can feed them less voltage to make them slow Down.

MEMPHIS91 07-22-16 04:27 PM

simenad, wow, really nice temps for that deep. If I had that I would total have a solar powered well pump going though a radiator or two and feeding back into another well.

Jeff, yes I was hoping to be able to speed it up, not slow it down. I did a lot of digging and came to the same conclusion. SO I stole a fan from the disappointing dehumidifier and wired it on low. Then I had to add more charge because my super heat went crazy.
New data
Suction 91 psi
Discharge 241 psi
Superheat 9-12
Subcooling 10-12
Amp draw 4.06 @ 117 volts.

This morning I had it run for 4.5 hours (with the old fan and charge) and it sucked out slightly over a gallon. But now I can FEEL the cold air, plus it is going drip.drip.drip.drip, instead of drip..drip...drip..drip, and sometimes it even goes dripdripdripdrip.drip. LOVE it. It is 95F outside, and i've only used 24.8 kwh today. AND today is wash day. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Compared to 72 kwh a year ago!! And I haven't even put in the geothermal unit yet. :D

stevehull 07-25-16 03:47 PM

Love your drip.drip.drip.drip descriptions! Keep it up!


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