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RobbMeeX 08-23-14 10:37 PM

Hydroclean toilet fill valve
Replaced a leaking fill valve today with the Hydroclean install and save fill valve. ($10 from HD, in stock). It installed as easily as you would think. Has built in overtighten protection to the tank. Adjusts easily, has filler lockout, tank cleaner, and bowl adjust capability. It ranks high on the gizmo scale, but also cheap as easy. I got rid of the other fill tube bleeder that fills the tank first.
Having flushed it three times, I like it so far.

stevehull 08-24-14 03:51 PM

I take it the "hydroclean" refers to the agitation of water at the tank base (swirls it up)?

This is helpful as I have one toilet with a leaky valve and it self flushes one or twice a day - and once always in the middle of the night.


RobbMeeX 08-30-14 10:34 PM

Yeah apparently mine leaks a hair. It fills once every 6 hours or so. I hear the alert go off for a second.

RobbMeeX 01-23-18 09:33 PM

So, back from the dead... At this moment in life, I'm on Hydroclean #3. They keep breaking, leaving the water not shutting off once filled. Luckily, I keep the box for returns. This last one lasted only a few months.

Semipro 01-26-18 08:04 PM

Flush (flapper) valve leaks can be quickly identified by putting some food coloring in the tank water and then watching the bowl water to see if it appears there.

RobbMeeX 01-15-21 05:47 PM

Just toasted the 4th and final Hydroclean fill valve. It's a good product, just not worth a ****.

Daox 01-15-21 06:16 PM

Thats a bummer. My Hydroright dual flush kit has lasted me 11 years trouble free.

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