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Xringer 04-30-14 12:47 PM

Spin cycle shake down
Whirlpool Front Load Washer Total Carnage - Runaway Drum Assembly - YouTube

How to disassemble your old Whirlpool washer.. :p

Daox 04-30-14 12:56 PM

It held together longer than I expected.

greif 04-30-14 06:45 PM

Safety on the door is broke:)

jeff88 04-30-14 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 38056)
It held together longer than I expected.

Check the notes, he made modifications to keep it together longer.

Xringer 04-30-14 07:22 PM

I think he bolted it down to the pallet..
Otherwise, it would have been jumping all over the yard, as soon as the RPMs went up.
In the end when the drum started hopping all around, I realized that thing might be dangerous!

I watched in 720 HD and could see the motor shaft spraying a few sparks like a little grinder, at the end of the video..

Strangely, my wife enjoyed the video..

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