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pinballlooking 06-23-13 01:26 PM

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Check out the shirts my young sons got me for father's day.

Daox 06-24-13 07:45 AM

Haha, very nice. :)

pinballlooking 06-25-13 10:20 AM

I think I need to add the cost to this.
We are at $1.72 watt installed before rebates for 11.6 kw. This is 0.78 watt after rebates. Fed 30% SC state 25% this should give a five year payback sooner if they get their rate increases. They have increased rates 6% last two years and they want 17% this year.
Keep in mind this that I had to upgrade my main load center to a 225 amp service. I had to install a new 100 amp sub panel at my out building and install a disconnect switch at the house for the solar.
All that cost are included in this project cost so is every clamp PVC glue elect tape everything.
I already had wire from the out building to the house so this helped the cost.
I did all the labor this was the biggest savings.

Daox 06-25-13 10:31 AM

Wow, that is some pretty great pricing. 5 year ROI is also pretty astonishing.

pinballlooking 06-25-13 10:37 AM

Our power about is 0.10kw with the meter fee and all. So if you were if CA or HI the payback would be much faster. There other parts of the country are paying even less for electricity then we do.

Either way we are happy with charging our car with solar and reducing our carbon foot print while saving money.

Our quote to put in a 4.9 watt system was $1,500 more than it cost me to put in my 11.6 watt system. If I wanted Enphase they wanted to add 10% cost on top of that. CA is much more completive place to have solar installed than SC.

Daox 07-22-13 01:33 PM

Any updates on the new panels?

pinballlooking 07-22-13 01:42 PM

I have them here to ready to install. I put up one new 240 watt panel in place of my 230 watt panel. It is performing as good or better than my best 230 watt panel.
I am going to install these on metal roof on my new lean-to. My metal came in last week. Now if it would just stop raining I could get to work. It is killing me having everything here ready to install and not have it making any power

ELGo 07-23-13 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 30433)
I think I need to add the cost to this.
We are at $1.72 watt installed before rebates for 11.6 kw.
I did all the labor this was the biggest savings.


I'm amazed at your total (pre-subsidy) cost. Would you mind breaking down to:

Other electricity stuff
Connector between the roof and the panel ?

pinballlooking 07-23-13 06:12 PM

40 Canadian Solar CS6P-230P, 230 Watt Solar Panel $6,440.00 shipped
40 Enphase, M215 Microinverter, 215W, 240/208VAC, 60Hz $5,480.00 shipped
EnPhase Envoy ProSolar racking grounding clamps etc. $2149.18
NEW Siemens 60 amp 3r outdoor 2 pole 250 volt fused disconnect $82.00
sub pannel and breakers $135.67
225 breaker pannel $164.32 (upgrade main load center)
wire #8, #10 grounding #6 grounding $590
The rest of the stuff caulking screws conduit…total for 9.2kw installed $16,000

New 2.4kw for total 11.6kw
10 Enphase, M215 Microinverter, 215W, 240/208VAC, 60Hz : $1,342.60
10 Lightway LW P1650-990 240W racking Grounding clips,
Enphase cables . $2455.28 shipped
Total for new 2.4 kw $3,797.88 (I had wire left over from the first project)
Total project $19797.88 I will need some conduit and a few other things so let’s say 20k installed for 11.6kw.

I did buy everything on sale and I did my own install. The biggest thing is I got the solar panels at a good price and that really helps the cost.
I have the cost broken down very detailed in a spread sheet but this should help.

I was quoted $22,234.82 for 4.9kw installed. they wanted 20% more to go with Enphase micro inverters. I am glad I put the sweat equity into it instead of having it installed.

pinballlooking 07-28-13 11:09 PM

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Check it out we were within 500 watts of max power. I wish we could get this much power all the time but this is still exciting. I cemented the post for my Lean-too today I will be building it next week. I can’t wait to get 10 more panels up and running. Today 8/1 we just made our first $500 in power 5 MWH for the first three any months.

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