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bennelson 07-17-12 09:59 AM

Cardboard Clubhouse

I was working on my rainwater setup, when I had to remove the cardboard box that was around the 275 gallon plastic container.

Instead of recycling it, why not build a fort for the Little Girl.

Of course, it quickly spiraled out of hand. I built a two-story cardboard clubhouse, INCLUDING a cardboard ladder AND a cardboard slide.

There is a really simple 2x4 lumber frame under the slide, and the roof is clear plastic, but EVERYTHING else is cardboard.

More photos and write-ups at the following links.

Daox 07-17-12 12:04 PM

That is awesome! And with the amount of rain we've been getting you shouldn't have to worry about that. I do know the fun of boxes as a kid. The parent's refrigerator box was such great fun, we had it for years in the basement as a playhouse.

bennelson 07-17-12 12:50 PM

We just ordered a dishwasher. I'll have to keep the box from that.

Wait a minute.... It's German-made - that means Euro-style minimal packaging! :p

A friend of mine just ordered a new clothes washer and dryer. She will probably make an awesome fort from that!

strider3700 10-04-12 01:28 AM

you need to show us more of that solar setup in the back of pic 2

jilllianicc 10-04-12 08:24 PM

Very cool! Really something to consider the next time I order something that comes in a HUGE box.

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