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SVOboy 11-01-08 05:47 PM

Amazon's unnecessary packaging
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The other day I bought some new cookware from Amazon and it came in this:

I was kind of annoyed, because it was just a little bit excessive, I think. Especially the box within a box deal, and the fact that they split it up into two shipments even though they both arrived on the same day...Oh well though. I would've bought it in town but it would've cost 150% more or so, :(

ac7ss 11-01-08 06:04 PM

Well, I can understand your concerns, I received a couple of packages from them recently.

At least they no longer use 'peanuts', but labeled plastic bubbles or paper (both may be recycled as well as re-used). They often ship from different centers, and that is why they often use multiple packages. They often do not open the stock packaging for an item and do not know how well it is packed and must ensure that it will survive shipping.

Better to have too much packaging than have to return for replacement for items damaged in shipping.

SVOboy 11-01-08 06:12 PM

Yeah, I noticed they stopped with the peanuts. I still am kinda miffed that the skillet and the lid for the skillet had to be shipped separately, though, :)

SVOboy 11-03-08 07:42 PM

A new twist: Help > Shipping & Delivery > Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging FAQs

groar 11-04-08 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 978)

I have been welcome by that giant picture today on amazon :
First I thought it will reduce packing material and cost :) but then I thought it could also help thief in local stores :(

After another look on the picture I realized that I already met these packaging on several items during last 18 months (who said greenwashing [1] ?) and that these ties are often annoying to detach :mad:

[1] but if people get conscious of these problems this may help practices to improve :)


SunScape 11-04-08 04:17 PM

My dog is sure going to miss those peanuts. Corn based GMO, low cal, low sodium.

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