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Piwoslaw 11-18-10 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 9515)
Ben will need to make provisions for this as well as for the rest of the units and their different measurements.

Maybe we could make a list (yes, another list!) of units which we will want to use. This should keep Ben's work down to a minimum, so he doesn't put time into something noone will use.

But we can do that when we get to that step.

strider3700 11-18-10 02:17 PM

When I view my initial test data entry it links to a page about my home not the energy usage I entered. As well that entry is showing as blank. If I click on my name on the main energy tracker page with all the recent entries it does show my house data though.

<edit> this only happens for the test data I entered yesterday. 09/21/09 Every other entry seems fine although it would be more useful to see the data entered for that entry not my house info</edit>

strider3700 11-18-10 02:45 PM

This may be hard/impossible but I'd love to see an automatic link to to grab our HDD and CDD automatically. We'd need to be able to enter/store the weather station ID but the rest could be automated I believe.

Piwoslaw 11-18-10 03:03 PM

Added gas & electricity for the last 17 months to see what happens with multiple entries. Waiting for the EDIT button to go online.

strider3700 11-18-10 04:01 PM

yep all of my data is up although the first entry needs different HDD/CDD entered since I used 16.5 instead of 18.5 for that entry.

also there should probably be formatting for the price entries. I dumped a couple directly from my spreadsheet that is something like 0.075466262319939...

strider3700 11-26-10 04:58 PM

Enter to save the entry is annoying when you're midway through the fields. I just added an entry with zero usage of anything just some degree days info and the number of days on the bill by accident because I hit enter to go to next field instead of tab.

Also we'll need away to delete entries as well as edit.

Daox 11-29-10 01:39 PM

I just was bugging Ben this morning about working on this. He has been tied up with some things, but will get back to it tomorrow he said. Still lots to do. :)

Keep it coming with the ideas and suggestions though. The more you comment the better it'll be.

Piwoslaw 11-30-10 02:04 AM

This weekend I finally downloaded heating degree day data for my area. I then took my gas usage, calculated (from the summer) how much we need per day for hot water & cooking, subtracted that from the winter per day gas usage, divided by HDD and got a more or less stable ratio - between 0.5 and 0.9 m3/hdd, mostly between 0.6 and 0.7. I guess it depends on many things: what temperature I kept the house at, outdoor wind, how much cooking or electrical load we had (that adds heat to the house), etc., but a season average can be somehow made out. I guess this is what I'll be comparing, winter to winter, to see if renovations had any impact. This is also how we could compare the houses in the ER energy tracker: (winter kWh - summer kWh)/hdd. Maybe that could also be a function of the house's area?

That number would be like a car's fuel economy - it would should how much energy is needed for certain tasks, but it would be possible to aim for reducing it, either through ecorenovations, or more efficient use (lowering the temperature, for example). I also calculated my sister-in-law's m3/hdd ratio and it was 20-30% more than our's. Their house is not only larger, but they also don't play with the temperature settings as aggressively as I do - their furnace is on more often then our's, even though they are hardly ever at home.

SVOboy 11-30-10 06:11 AM

Hey guys, been working. Taking the female unit to dinner in a bit but I will definitely have the edit button online and functioning properly before night's end. Will also update the todo list with all of your suggestions.

Currently taking votes on the next most important feature, which will be worked on either late tonight after the edit button or early tomorrow (japanese time of course), morning.

SVOboy 11-30-10 11:52 AM

That took surprisingly longer than I thought to not even get it working.

I'm having trouble making it user friendly. Currently the editing appears to work for the home, but the drop downs need to be reset every time you go ahead and do the edit. I'll work on getting that fixed in the morning, as well as making editing live for entries (that should be easy enough). For the time being, I'm going to leave editing offline since I still haven't made it so you can't edit others' stuff. Yes, that's pretty key, but it won't be hard. It's 3am though so I'm really not getting anything done from tiredness already anyway.

Stay tuned for more in the morning~

Piwoslaw 11-30-10 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 9837)
That took surprisingly longer than I thought to not even get it working.

Do you mean: the edit function, or dinner with the female unit? :p

SVOboy 11-30-10 11:32 PM

Both! Work is progressing smoothly though. Got the individual entry edit working, just need to put in the user checks and then I'll put it live :thumbup:

SVOboy 12-01-10 02:32 AM

Editing links currently up random places. Will move on to linking the individual entries under the home display.

Piwoslaw 12-01-10 04:33 AM

Editing home details works, but it appears I can edit Strider's home, too. I didn't try saving, though.
No entry edits yet, not visible on "home" page.

Daox 12-01-10 08:44 AM

Looks good except for the editing other peoples homes.

It would be great to move the entries for each home to that specific home's own page so you can see just the entries for that specific home.

SVOboy 12-05-10 07:42 AM

Ah. I suppose that's an issue. You can see the edit form but it shouldn't overwrite the data anyway. Working on tim's suggestion at the moment.

Daox 12-15-10 08:33 AM

I see Ben has made some updates to the energy tracker. I think its getting close to being useful. :)

I suggest adding another field for "Renovations & Improvements" where you can list things you've done to the house. Also, it and the notes field don't recognize returns, so it slaps everything on one line. Both of these fields need to be larger than the current notes field.

Also, when you view a specific home it doesn't show the date, HDD, CDD, or notes field for each entry.

Piwoslaw 12-15-10 08:58 AM

I can still edit other houses, though.


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 10308)
Also, when you view a specific home it doesn't show the date, HDD, CDD, or notes field for each entry.

The date is in the last column, before the view link.

User Natural Gas LPG Electricity Wood Wood Pellets Oil Date
BTW: That view link just takes me to the house's homepage again. What's its purpose?

Daox 12-15-10 09:07 AM

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I think the date should be moved to the front (left side) of the entry display info.

The view link will become an edit link eventually. I think its a carry over from earlier versions of the program.

Daox 12-15-10 09:28 AM

You can now add an image of your house.

SVOboy 12-15-10 09:29 AM

Yeah, I'm gonna kill that view link now.

Piwo, try editing my test house with the name "piwo edited this"

Curious to see if it'll work now.

Added the ability to upload an image!

Piwoslaw 12-15-10 10:01 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 10314)
Yeah, I'm gonna kill that view link now.

Piwo, try editing my test house with the name "piwo edited this"

Curious to see if it'll work now.

OK, it looks good. I can go into the editing part, but saving only brings back the values you entered (I wanted to add some solar to your place:cool:). Plus I got the Stop editing me! scolding.
When I said earlier that I can edit other homes, I didn't try to save.


Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 10314)
Added the ability to upload an image!

Way cool:D
But when there is no picture yet, the space is taken up by an empty field.

strider3700 12-15-10 12:09 PM

When I opened my home to edit it started back to the default values for all of the systems. it should reload the existing saved so that I can only change one or two things about it.

strider3700 12-15-10 12:18 PM

When I view homes without pictures there is a broken picture link displayed. It probably shouldn't be there.

Piwoslaw 12-15-10 12:34 PM

Right. Also, if you enter none in one of the fields, say in cooling, then all the lower fields in cooling should automatically set to none. Or maybe if one of the fields are set to none then the lower fields in that system should disappear. Now, Primary Cooling System can be set to none but the Secondary Cooling System and Tertiary Cooling System can be set to anything.

Oh, and when in Edit mode, the button at the bottom should be "Save Values", not "Edit Home Values".

SVOboy 12-16-10 02:42 AM

Thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to make photos of homes mandatory, so eventually that broken image space won't mean anything. Though in chrome it's really tiny and not obscenely large, so it didn't bother me at first.

Also, working on the editing for systems. I honestly dunno how to fix it, but I'll figure it out.

strider3700 12-16-10 02:49 AM

oh while you're in there can you add a field for us to save a weatherstation id I use IBCNANAI6 for mine for instance.

SVOboy 01-06-11 06:37 AM

Done today:

Moved to a non-testing page.
Added links to user pages.
Cleaned up page linking.
Hid all the "nones" on individual pages.

To do:

Add links to header.

NeilBlanchard 01-06-11 06:50 AM

My Home is mostly blank. I was going to put in the latest months gas use.

NeilBlanchard 01-13-11 06:41 AM

The data table on my Home is still blank. :( I am trying to add some energy use from December.

strider3700 01-28-11 11:42 AM

new bug,

the date entry pulldown for adding new usage entries doesn't have 2011 in it

NeilBlanchard 02-07-11 01:30 PM

I still cannot see any of the data on my house. So, I can't input any new data.

Arkaneinc 03-31-11 04:47 PM

still no 2011 on the pull down

strider3700 03-31-11 07:40 PM

I think the guy working on it is in japan so he might be a lot busy.

Arkaneinc 03-31-11 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by strider3700 (Post 12761)
I think the guy working on it is in japan so he might be a lot busy.

no worries just bringing it to attention. I know everyone has things going on and if he's in japan then i completely understand

Piwoslaw 04-20-11 02:08 PM

Found another bug: When you look at a house's details and click on one of the entries ('View Entry'), then on that entry's page:

Home: Name with linky clink
I'm guessing this is left over from the initial testing phase.

Piwoslaw 04-27-11 01:40 PM

I've been reading around and from little bits and pieces of info it appears that the most objective parameter to compare the heating requirements of many (if not most) buildings of similar size and function would be energy per house size per heating degree day.

In the few places I've come across this, the units for energy were always kWh. While the size of the building can be given as just the floor area, it must be noted how this is measured - sum of internal floor area is easiest, since this is usually known. External "footprint" of each level of the building is slightly better, but still does not distinguish between single- and multi- level buildings (the latter will be losing less heat, all else being equal). The best way to "size" a building is to measure the area of all of its external surfaces - walls, floor and roof.

I know that this has already been mentioned here, but I just wanted to bump again;)

strider3700 09-21-12 06:26 PM

bump - If no one is working on this any more I am a programmer that will have more free time as winter sets in around here. I have no idea what this has been implemented in but am willing to help out if I can.

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