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strider3700 01-28-11 11:42 AM

new bug,

the date entry pulldown for adding new usage entries doesn't have 2011 in it

NeilBlanchard 02-07-11 01:30 PM

I still cannot see any of the data on my house. So, I can't input any new data.

Arkaneinc 03-31-11 04:47 PM

still no 2011 on the pull down

strider3700 03-31-11 07:40 PM

I think the guy working on it is in japan so he might be a lot busy.

Arkaneinc 03-31-11 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by strider3700 (Post 12761)
I think the guy working on it is in japan so he might be a lot busy.

no worries just bringing it to attention. I know everyone has things going on and if he's in japan then i completely understand

Piwoslaw 04-20-11 02:08 PM

Found another bug: When you look at a house's details and click on one of the entries ('View Entry'), then on that entry's page:

Home: Name with linky clink
I'm guessing this is left over from the initial testing phase.

Piwoslaw 04-27-11 01:40 PM

I've been reading around and from little bits and pieces of info it appears that the most objective parameter to compare the heating requirements of many (if not most) buildings of similar size and function would be energy per house size per heating degree day.

In the few places I've come across this, the units for energy were always kWh. While the size of the building can be given as just the floor area, it must be noted how this is measured - sum of internal floor area is easiest, since this is usually known. External "footprint" of each level of the building is slightly better, but still does not distinguish between single- and multi- level buildings (the latter will be losing less heat, all else being equal). The best way to "size" a building is to measure the area of all of its external surfaces - walls, floor and roof.

I know that this has already been mentioned here, but I just wanted to bump again;)

strider3700 09-21-12 06:26 PM

bump - If no one is working on this any more I am a programmer that will have more free time as winter sets in around here. I have no idea what this has been implemented in but am willing to help out if I can.

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