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Higgy 03-07-12 12:38 PM

Different way of planting tomatoes
So I found this article. Quite interesting of an idea. The only thing I worry about is the mercury from the fish heads landing up in my garden. You'd have to know where the fish came from. I think I may try this on a few of my tomato plants this summer.

Love Apple Farms: How I Plant a Tomato

benpope 05-14-12 10:09 AM

Some good ideas there. This mimics the native american method of spot fertilization. You dig a hole 6 inches (15 cm) deep and bury a dead land animal (think roadkill), fish, or fresh manure. Next, fill the hole and buid a small mound 18 inches around and 6 inches tall (0.4 m by 15 cm tall). Flatten the top and plant 4 corn seeds, 3 bean seeds, and 2 winter squash. As you get time, dig or hoe up the grass around the hill and turn it under, or mulch heavily with newspaper, cardboard, and crushed leaves. This creates a spot of high fertility very quickly with a limited amount of labor.

Higgy 05-14-12 10:24 AM

Quite ingenious. I didn't know that where this probably came from. At first I thought it was kind of disgusting, but if the natives did it then it's probably a good way to fertilize the area.

Exalta-STA 05-15-12 09:02 PM

Sounds like a good idea, it's just like composting in a different scale.

Oh if you want free stuff to put in there, visit your nearest butcher or fish dealer and ask for the innards or fish gills and guts. I know it'll stink so better to just walk or use your bicycle when transporting it.

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