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pinballlooking 07-09-20 11:12 AM

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Our latest product is a protector for the fan/filter protector for massey ferguson GC 1723 ans 1725 tractors.
There is a plastic hydraulic fan behind this a stick can take it out. There is also a hydraulic filter behind this.

You can connect the Mid mount mower without removing the protector.

pinballlooking 07-22-20 09:45 AM

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Our new product is the best selling product so far. We are very happy with it.
My other work has slowed down with the virus so this work is welcome right now.

My son has made enough money for his first-year collage.
He is staying at our place at the lake and he has some scholarship money. But he has earned enough to pay for the rest for the first year.

We have made enough to pay for all the equipment. But I just added more equipment.
So it will be a little longer to have it all paid off.

One sheet 1/8" plate 770 pierces 2,729” inches. About 45 min to cut out.

I have added a Hypertherm powermax 85 it will cut and pierce ” plate. Edge start 1” plate.
45 amp 100% duty cycle. So far, this thing is sweet. It has fine cuts for 10 gauge and under.
My old cutter I will keep for hand cutting and a backup for this cutter.

Now you can see why I need more lifting capacity and why I bought the old front end loader.

WyrTwister 07-22-20 12:22 PM

Sounds like you have found a very rare thing . A product ( toy ) that will pay for itself ! :-)

Enjoy yourself , my friend .

God bless

pinballlooking 07-27-20 12:49 PM

Here is my new plasma cutter cutting ” plate @85 amps.
This is more than twice as fast as my old cutter and the cut it better on top of that.

WyrTwister 07-27-20 01:28 PM


God bless

pinballlooking 10-28-20 11:43 AM

Quick update All equipment is paid for and we made our first 5K profit. (after all cost and equipment paid for)

It has taken a lot of work getting here and I keep adding more equipment.
At this point I have the equipment I need time to make it work. It has been quite a ride.

We have shipped 263 tractor accessories out so far.

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