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pinballlooking 01-02-20 09:52 AM

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Here the table cutting ” steel plate. I am making magnet holders for lifting steel plate with two 880 pound magnets to help load the table.
I need to level the table and I will be raising the water level once I level the table.

1/2" Thermal Dynamics 60i

The 2" by 1/4 square tube will allow the magnets to be spread apart 4'.
Then it will go on my forks to make it for simpler loading thick steel plate.

WyrTwister 01-02-20 10:13 AM

Do you have to use an air dryer , on the compressed air going to the plasma cutter ?

God bless

pinballlooking 01-02-20 11:05 AM

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My compressor has an auto drain on a timer. I made a copper air cooler with drain valves. Then that goes into an air dryer. Then a one-gallon desiccant dryer and a motor guard filter.
3/4" rapid Air connecting it all together.

The dryer the air the better the cut and the longer consumables last.

I may add a air cooler at the compressor after the pump before it enters the compressor. I am going to wait to see if I think it is needed.

WyrTwister 01-02-20 11:25 AM

How warm is the air , after it leaves the copper coil ? Winter ? Summer

God bless

pinballlooking 01-02-20 11:39 AM

The compressor is 80 gallons Emax I just got it powered up the other day.
I don’t know the temps yet with this new setup for my plasma table.

Out of the compressor is 3/4 black iron pipe. That goes to the copper.

My 3/4 regulator seems to react to slow. I think I need a better one.

I will be checking the temperatures. It is cold right now but summer heat I am sure I will make lots of water.

WyrTwister 01-03-20 07:35 AM

I was thinking , if the discharge temperature gets up , you might put a box fan blowing on the copper coil ?

God bless

pinballlooking 01-03-20 09:46 AM

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What I see people doing is adding a transmission cooler after the pump. Set it up to use the compressor fan to draw air through it.
Kind of like this.

I had a auto drain to do this but the one they sent me just did not work.
I am sending it back today.
Does anyone know a good one?

WyrTwister 01-03-20 11:03 AM

A transmission cooler would be a good idea if it is rated for the pressure .

God bless

pinballlooking 01-06-20 01:40 PM

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I cut some ” plate to build a magnet holder.
This is to help load my table.
This is straight off the table.

Daox 01-07-20 01:07 PM

That looks like some pretty heavy stuff!

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