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pinballlooking 08-07-19 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by dremd (Post 61245)
Originally I cut 20, 16, and 12 ga steel.
Now it spends its days cutting.040 ,080, .125 aluminum mainly in 5052

Typically daily cut time is only around 2 hours with run time closer to 2.5 hours. Typically 5 days a week, but that varies by season.

Do you cut parts? Maybe art stuff?

dremd 08-07-19 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 61246)
Do you cut parts? Maybe art stuff?

Mostly art, some parts for my stuff, occasionally I cut some aviation parts.

WyrTwister 08-08-19 08:09 AM

Look up Keith Fenner on youtube . He has one he uses from time to time .

God bless

pinballlooking 09-06-19 09:31 AM

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This is the table I ordered. It is going to ship in a couple weeks.

I just got my new USA made compressor. 19 CFM it has a continuous run feature auto drain feature.
My tractor could not lift it so my neighbor let me use his 40 HP tractor.

I have a Harbor freight Air dryer ready to connect up.

pinballlooking 11-12-19 10:31 AM

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Here I am still no table from Delusional Designs. I do not believe they will ever ship it.
I filled a dispute with my credit card company to get a refund.

I drove up to Ashville NC to Spark Robotic. To look at their tables and try one out. Very nicely built CNC plasma tables. I am looking at their X Series 4X8 table.
Their gantry is length wise so you can put the table up against the wall. It has steel storage under the table. Their torch Hight control is excellent and the software is simpler to use. It ha proximity sensors for the torch.
I am going to get this one instead it is fully welded and I can drive up and get it when it is ready for me.

pinballlooking 12-09-19 10:54 AM

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The credit card company gave me a temp credit. It will become permanent after the 15 Dec. Credit card case will just time out in my favor because he will not respond to the case.
But the money was taken from his account. I transferred my temp credit to my checking and use some of that money to buy this one. This should work out in the end.

On Friday exactly 4 weeks from when they said it would be ready, I picked it up.
I did training at their site on Friday I cut out many parts designed a part and cut it out. I practice if it stopped in the middle of the cut and restarted it.
Here is a picture of aluminum that I cut out. This is straight off the table no clean up at all.

It weights almost 2K pounds. I used my car lift to take it off my trailer.
I still need to clean out the spot where it will reside and get power and my new compressor connected up. I still did some.
I really need to learn CAD I have been working with Fusion 360. It is exciting for it to be finally here.

pinballlooking 12-17-19 05:46 PM

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I finally have a spot cleaned out to put my plasma table. I still need to wire my new compressor and run its air lines. I wanted to be able to load the table with my tractor. This location should allow me to do this.

Here is 1/2" 3/8" and 1/4" mild steel cut.

pinballlooking 12-23-19 09:24 AM

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I bought a Dake Johnson JH 10 bandsaw. It needs some clean up and the 1 hp motor is three phase. I am replacing the 1 HP motor with a 1 phase 1 HP motor.
Man, this thing is heavy about 900 pounds. I was considering getting harbor Freight bandsaw but I decided to go old school. It takes a 1" blade I will have to order one. I got it for $325 hopefully it will not take to many parts to get top notch cuts again.

They have been making a J or JH for over 81 years and still make it today.

pinballlooking 01-01-20 11:12 AM

I have to parts ordered to make my saw working good again.
This is my CNC plasma table cutting out 16-gauge prototype part.

WyrTwister 01-01-20 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 61829)
I have to parts ordered to make my saw working good again.
This is my CNC plasma table cutting out 16-gauge prototype part.

Check out Keith's plasma cutter videos .

Happy New Year
God bless

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