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Higgy 10-07-15 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by stevehull (Post 47283)
I have heard that they will just dig through foam. But the friend who failed with just foam, then put in chicken wire and THEN foamed. The foam covered and encapsulated the wire.

The tree rats left . . . .


Exactly what I was thinking of doing. Spray foam it, then put chicken wire over top. Not sure if that would keep them out permanently or not.

Higgy 10-13-15 08:45 AM

So, I think I caught all the little buggers. Used one of those Havahart traps. Drove them about 5+ miles away (the mom, at least I think it was the mom, I drove out almost 10 miles). I live outside the city so there's lots of other houses and tons of trees between where I dropped them off and where I live so hopefully they don't find their way back. I went into the attic and looked around and didn't find anymore. While I was in there I also was hoping to seal up the soffit from the inside, but it was blocked by the framing so I couldn't do it. Even from the outside I couldn't really seal it off except for taking some Big Stuff and spray foaming it as much as I could. I know they can chew through that eventually but I figured it might deter them long enough for me to get something better in place. Can't really get into that area with a hammer, drill or even staple gun so not sure what else I can do to block it.

Piwoslaw 10-14-15 12:38 PM

I would have kept them, at least they would add some heat to the attic during winter (unless they decided to move downstairs).

In the spring you could catch them and make a fur coat to keep you warm next winter.

Just joking. About the coat, anyways...:cool:

jeff5may 10-21-15 06:43 AM

The major manufacturers now have rodent and bug control spray foam products available. I don't know what's in it, but for your situation it would fare better than the plain stuff when the critters come back. Cuz dead rats don't eat.

AC_Hacker 10-21-15 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by Piwoslaw (Post 47444)
Just joking. About the coat, anyways...:cool:

I knew you were joking... it would take so many pelts to make a coat.

But a squirrel-fur had or ear-muffs would be more reasonable.


JRMichler 10-28-15 08:19 PM

A squirrel got into my basement once. So I grabbed a 17 caliber air pistol and started shooting the little varmint. After hitting it 3 or 4 times, I shot it right between the eyes from five feet away. It stood there and looked at me, then ran away.

It came back the following day, got shot a couple more times, then left and never came back.

That was a target grade spring piston air pistol, designed for accuracy rather than power. I'm sure that the pellets penetrated the squirrel's skin, but probably not much farther.

I'm still impressed by how it could run up, down, and sideways on a concrete block wall. Also up and down copper water pipes.

jeff5may 10-28-15 11:09 PM

Nothing like a good pistol to run off those intruders. Especially if you're a good shot.

Xringer 01-24-19 12:49 PM

We had a tree rat that came down the chimney to nest on the fireplace damper.
No big deal, until he started hunting for insects under the roofing shingles.
I chased him out and blocked up the top of chimney with chicken wire.
I had a stack of spare shingles and was able to repair our roof.

He moved 2 house down the street and complete destroyed their roof shingles.
The house was empty at the time, so the rain came in and destroyed much of the interior. My guess is 10,000 to 15,000 in damages.

What I fear is the deer ticks w/ Lyme disease that all of these rodents carry.
I keep the field mice population low with d-Con and larger rodents with P-Rod.

This reminds me, gotta replace the attic d-Con block..
Have not been up there this week at all.. Had the flu since the 9th.. :(
Hope it's not Lyme disease! Yikes!

MN Renovator 01-30-20 01:58 PM

"Hope it's not Lyme disease! Yikes!"

Did you exchange blood with the squirrel or have a tick end up on you from the squirrel that ended up feasting on your blood?
Lyme disease is a blood transmitted disease.
I've had it after coming home from camping, was more tired than I've ever been, little appetite, and a bullseye rash the size of the bottom of a pie plate. Symptoms may vary between people put fever isn't as common.

Ralph III 02-10-20 11:25 PM

Hello All,

I just wanted to chime in on this as there are numerous other recommendations not mentioned within the thread. So for future reference.....

1. You should use a trap to get rid of rodents (squirrels/rats) and not poison. If you use poison they will eat it and then die somewhere within your house which could stink quite badly and for a long period of time.

2. After removing the rodent you should seal off their entrance with wire mesh of some sort.

3. You should remove all of the rodent droppings that you can find and/or any soiled insulation. Otherwise, the odor will attract future rodents.

4. You may consider spraying ammonia or fox urine it the attic. This will help get rid of the rodent odor and can also act as a deterrent. There are other recommendations in this regards so research it.

5. You may consider leaving the attic light on. I'd recommend an LED type because it creates very little heat and they use very little electricity. Many rodents don't like bright lights.

6. Yes, a radio in the attic playing loudly will discourage rodents from moving in or cause them to move out.

I'm not a pest control person but I've had to remove squirrels and rats from personal rental property as well as work. They can cause a significant amount of damage and create hazards by damaging electrical wiring.

Good luck,

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