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pinballlooking 07-19-21 09:50 AM

I bought an Ex-cell-o Mill (XLO) first gen mill Saturday 7/17/21.
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I picked the Ex-cell-o Mill (XLO). 3 phase grinder 12 wheels and a Quincy QR 25 240 12 pump/motor that will need some work but turns over and it is putting out air.
The Quincy sat outside for some time but I think I can make it look nice and work good down the road.

The mill was $1200 he sold me the grinder and Quincey pump for $60
I saw it as soon as it was posted to marketplace and jumped on it.
He gave me 4 16' prices of angle iron. they are rusty but I can make oven racks out of it.

It took my new grinders VFD to test it out and convert it from 3 phase to one phase. but I did not take extra wiring. I use there wiring and it go a over current error. It did run for a min it was quite.

The guy that owner it passed away they did not know anything about it.

It was made in Canada. Their claim to fame was they were better than Bridgeport Quill bigger 1" longer heaver...

I have a lot to learn I have never used a mill.
It weights like 2800 pounds.
It takes R8 tooling

pinballlooking 07-19-21 09:53 AM

I just ordered a VFD for it. Hopefully I can get running and it tests out good.

Daox 07-19-21 10:46 PM

Wow that sounds like an amazing price on that!

pinballlooking 07-20-21 06:28 AM

The week before I looked at a Bridgeport they wanted $3200 for but it was ruff. A Bridgeport knock off it was very nice it came from a school. The wanted $4500 for it.
The auto feed was not working right. They said a simple fix dropped price to $4200 I said $4200 fixed but they would not do that and I walked. I had trailer and cash in my pocket. Those deals did not feel right. I Keep looking there was one for $4K that came for a dental mfg looked new in a guys grange but it sold quickly.

I saw this one as soon as it was posted. The guy had a rollback with nice winch. He winched it on rollback then backed to my trailer used the winch and a pulley to pull it on to my trailer.
Doing this saved me hiring riggers to get it loaded.

I hope to back it into my shop it will be very close height wise I might have to tilt the head. I plan on using my car lift to get it off the trailer.

I might build a low rider stand for with 1000 pound casters so I can move it. Not sure yet. It has rained since I got back with it. It is under a big tarp on my trailer.

I do not even have it in my shop and we already thought of a few more projects to use it for.

pinballlooking 07-20-21 01:29 PM

I am starting to think I have an air compressor problem.
Hi my name is Mark and it has been 4 days since my last air compressor pump purchase. :D

I have purchased 3 so far this year. Will there be more I just cant say.
It is hard to walk by a old Quincey QR 25 and not stare. Then I just want to take it home.:eek:
Hopefully this is not contagious.

Daox 07-20-21 06:25 PM

Haha, only time will tell...

pinballlooking 07-22-21 09:09 AM

Jonney 5 is here to help
Everyone tell me this is what my mill looks like

My VFD came in can't wait to try it out.
But I a real job work project that needs done first.

pinballlooking 07-30-21 07:57 AM

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Two nights I got some time to test it out. I connected my Grinders VFD with my wires. It was running quite but when you tried to use the auto feed it would overload the VFD.
Last night I oiled the quill an got it to move good manually the tried the automatic feed and it worked well.
I tried forward reverse high an low range. Variable speed the three quill auto feed speeds. Everything works.

It has a one pump oil system I need to check out. I think some of the plumbing is crushed not sure it pump works.

I tested the 3 phase 2 hp grinder started right up.
Very happy so far. It is still on the trailer. I will need to rotate the head to get it in the grange. It is to tall on the trailer. I have a 8' door but it is still to tall. I need to move stuff around to get to the car lift to get it off trailer.

I am thinking about building a lowrider stand for it on casters to be able to move it around.

Here is a nice design that someone else made.

I bought some steel castors for it.

Elcam84 07-30-21 09:14 PM

Cool new toy. I miss having access to a machine shop. Been looking for a lathe and mill off and on. Have seen a few Bridgeports go for $100 at auctions but I didn't have a way to transport them home at the time. The old mills don't bring much at machine shop auctions since it's only hobbyists that buy them.

Bridgeport made good machines but there were better ones on the market. They kind of get the reputation of being the best like Wilton vices just because they were abundant. Wilton vices were really not that great they were just cheap and the Govt bough them by the trainload during WW2.

pinballlooking 07-30-21 09:21 PM

A $100 Bridgeport would be sweet. I could see that happening. They are a chore to move anywhere. I saw some good deals while I was looking but I would have had to hired riggers to get them out of where the were stored. That was a deal breaker.

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