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u3b3rg33k 10-19-18 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by oil pan 4 (Post 59927)
I have another lead I'm going to try on getting coal.
NM also went more than a week with overcast skys, I didn't even think that was possible.
Longest I had seen before that was 3 or 4 days.

Actually daox did some calculations on this and it only reduces size by around 20%. It would be easier and cheaper just to build a water system 20% bigger.

i'd love to see those just for fun. i haven't run them myself because i wasn't planning to build anything any time soon.

oil pan 4 11-15-18 04:06 PM

My family is coming to visit. They asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said coal.
Of their 2 vehicles a VW that is useless in snow and ice and a f250 I know they would bring the truck.
They said they would load it up with as much coal as they are comfortable hauling which will be at least 1,500 pounds and haul it out here for Christmas.

I'm still going to go to the power plant and see if I can get my own coal. Then I will just pick another Christmas present.

pinballlooking 11-15-18 04:42 PM

When I was a kid my parents always threatened me with coal for Xmas if I did not get along with my sister.
Wow you are actually getting coal for Xmas.:D

oil pan 4 11-15-18 09:15 PM

I was bad.

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