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oil pan 4 12-30-17 12:05 AM

The blowers draw 1.7 amps each.

Daox 12-30-17 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by oil pan 4 (Post 57747)
Well it looks like I am in a coalless hole.
Nearest place to the west is about 8 hours away. Mckinley mine and San Juan coal mine both sell to any one who wants to come get some.
Tractor supply won't ship coal.
The nearest coal dealer in texas, a coal supply is about 4hr away.

So, wood it is then?

oil pan 4 12-30-17 09:35 AM

The plan was always to mostly burn wood, something to the tune of around 98% of the time.
The nearest place that sells coal was is Sweetwater texas. I used to travel through there for work once a month but not any more.
The only chance I will have to get some will be when we visit family even further away.
I could get some tractor supply coal bit I would have to pay shipping and that would at least double the price, I don't need it that bad.
My main problem is there aren't an unlimited number of trees around here like in a lot of the US.

jeff5may 12-31-17 03:36 PM

Reckons to me like the revenuers done cut off u're supply. Dag gum sum bucks.

Xringer 01-01-18 12:21 AM

I burned coal in my multi-fuel HS Tarm boiler for a while. It was a PITB to haul it home.
At the time, I used my little Subaru 1978 4x4 wagon (The Brat pickup with a station wagon body).
Fold down the back seat and shoveled it in.. No bags of coal around here!

One thing I learned the hard way, is that setting up for an overnight burn, must be done very carefully.
At least with the HS Tarm. I only had one over-heat (3AM) and that was lesson.
Wood is easier to control, the auto air control works great with wood.
I only did a few carloads of coal before I gave it up..
Over the years, I gave up wood too. Been trying to give up oil..
But, this dang global warming has me burning oil again this winter..
Using flow-thur hot-water heat for about a week solid now..
It's 3 now and going to -3 in a few hours.. :eek:

The -20F Gree is working pretty well so far. I just shut down the Sanyo..
Another -20F Gree might be my next home heating investment..

Happy New Year!!

oil pan 4 01-03-18 06:43 AM

At some point I will venture out to tolk power station in earth Texas.
Got a tip that they sell, more like practicality give away their fly ash.
Fly ash makes great low permeability concrete, i will need that for the rain water water cistern I want to build that could hold as much as 30 tons of water.

While I'm there I could see if they would sell some of their coal.
They only use low sulfur powder river basen coal, which is pretty good stuff.

Xringer 01-03-18 09:33 AM

Looks like they have a mountain of coal, with a line of train cars delivering more..
At least in this picture.. Google Earth or facetime is how I get to see Texas these days...'19.8%22N+102%C2%B034'24.5%22W/@34.1888304,-102.5756547,704m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m9!1m2!2m1!1stolk+power+station +Earth+Tx!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d34.1888259!4d-102.5734655

elhigh 01-25-18 09:33 AM

Oil Pan, if you're in NM don't you get a lot of wintertime sun? Is solar heat off the table?

oil pan 4 01-25-18 07:46 PM

Solar heat doesn't work so well at night.
It also can get brutal cold, so far the worst was a week of -10F nights.

Elcam84 01-26-18 04:09 PM

Good deal on the heater. Coal is very eco as in economical to heat with that is if you have it available. Some areas you can only find it from blacksmithing suppliers but even blacksmithing has converted to propane in most small shops. It cost much more but it's more convenient than coal.
I love the smell of burning coal. I would love to be an engineer on a steam locomotive....

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