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gtojohn 04-18-16 11:14 PM

Tax credit for advanced main air circulation fan motor
Doing my taxes i stubled upon a tax credit i hadnt heard of before. Its for $50 for qualifying furnace. The advanced main air circulation fan motor, cannot use more than 2% of total energy of the furnace. Its a very gray area and i haven't found any details from any of the manufacturers web sites. I assume it would need to be ecm, possibly x-13 to be that efficient. It makes me wonder if the draft inducer motor could really use the other 98% of total power used. Anyone have any luck?

oil pan 4 04-22-16 07:29 PM

Sounds like a variable speed AC synchronous motor that only runs only as fast as you need to circulate the air.
Normally you have a 2 pole motor that kicks on and only runs full speed.
The standard fractional horse power motors are pretty inefficient even if powered by a VFD.

I made a post about finding a more efficient fan motor a few years ago on here but no one had anything helpful.

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