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oil pan 4 01-04-18 01:44 PM

Dirt cheap florescent replacement tubes at lowes
Looks like they are cleaning house at lowes.
I went back to buy a spare T8 led hybrid and they were gone from their spot.
Along with a bunch of other stuff.
Found the T8 hybrid leds in a clearance pile in the middle of the store.
I also needed some high output 54w T5 and a standard 28w T5.
I found the old 28w T5 tubes on clearance for $3.50, along with a bunch of T8, T12, T8/T12 stuff, some LED replacement.

So if you have some weak or burned out florescent tubes, now is the time to get them going.

oil pan 4 01-05-18 07:50 PM

That 1 single 28w T5 I replaced has shown me how dull my other T5 tunes have gotten and they are only a few years old.
The GE 28 watt tube rated for 30,000 hours is $10, the utilitech is rated for 3,000 is $3.50.
I'm going to get more of the cheap clearance ones, since they do get broken on accident from time to time.
Other wise I would buy the good ones.

oil pan 4 03-09-18 08:23 AM

I tried my old T8 tube in a new commercial industrial ballast.
The 34 watt tubed are only allowing 25 or 26 watts of power through per tube, so they look pretty dull.

Elcam84 06-10-18 09:15 AM

The stores here are finally clearancing their bulbs. They had the big boxes of t8 LEDs for $2 a tube for the 6500k. Not bad but they are replacement ones and Im only using direct wire bulbs as I don't want the hassle and extra power waste of still needing a ballast.

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