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gtojohn 04-01-16 10:44 AM

Low power pool pump
I've been trying to shed as much energy usage and my pool pump is still one of my bigger loads. I built a solar pump in August to help augment filtering with less big pump. Over the winter I shut down the main pool pump and relied upon the solar pump only. I felt even at its 300 gph label it wasn't enough for a 10000 gallon pool. I built another low power filter system to run using house power.
Using a harbor freight 264 gph pond pump and running it through my old hayward clearstar 75 sq cartridge filter. It is rated at 40 watts nameplate but I can't find my kill-a-watt meter to test real usage. This could be a good sized pump for solar pool heat. There is a 620gph pump available but I haven't seen its power rating. Weather and time permitting I hope to post some pictures this weekend.264 GPH Submersible Fountain Pump

stevehull 04-01-16 10:59 AM

This 264 GPH pump only provides 2 psi - will this be sufficient to overcome filter pressure loss?


gtojohn 04-03-16 03:58 PM

Its definitely pumping through the filter. Its a relatively large filter for a low flow pump so it has a very minimal resistance to flow. Box says 6.4' lift . Found the kil-a-watt, it uses 18 watts. I originally decommissioned this filter because the head pressure was a little high, psi against my 3/4 hp pump. I installed a 4 element cartridge filter with about 3 times the element area and head pressure dropped to less than 5psi with the water shooting hard out the jets. Motor amps went down considerably.

Daox 05-12-16 12:27 PM

How is the new setup working?

dremd 05-16-16 05:54 PM

I have a Hayward pump with VFD, it cut a lot of energy use, but wasn't cheap. I usually run it at 150 watts during the day and 300 watts for a few hours at night.
20,000 gallon pool, sand filter, and chlorine. Aka nothing special

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