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pinballlooking 02-24-20 09:15 PM

I bought a drill press today kind of.
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I bought a 16 speed drill press no chuck.
It was $50 yesterday today they said $10.
At $10 it was the one for me.

It is 23 years old. I really bought it to make a plate steel top and put my mag drill on top of it.
I tried to do this with a newer harbor freight drill press but it was to weak to handle it.

It does not look like much but it should clean up and make a good mag drill stand.
It works fine it just needs a new chuck.

Daox 02-25-20 09:07 AM

Nice price. Those things aren't cheap.

Piwoslaw 02-28-20 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 62155)
It does not look like much

I do not agree! It looks really good, if you know what to look at.

pinballlooking 02-28-20 02:01 PM

I looked it up and a 16 speed drill press is from $250-$300 I am thinking about getting a chuck for it.
If it does good then I will clean it up.

I can make a mag drill stand from ” plate steel.

pinballlooking 03-08-20 11:16 AM

Harbor freight had a drill chuck that was the right size and it had decent reviews. So for $12 after 20% off and free LED light my drill press is a drill press again.

I just drilled a tractor pin where my other drill press was having trouble drilling straight holes in 30 mm 1144 Turned ground round. (tractor pins)

This drill press drilled straight hole. I guess I will save it and use it as a drill press. I am at $32 for this little 16 speed drill press.

I used it some more and adjusted the speeds. With some TLC this will be a decent drill press.
I did not use it as I intended but I am happy I got it.

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