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Fordguy64 01-07-18 04:33 PM

Found this video.. pretty interesting.

Anyone know what the solar pool heaters are made of and possible btu ratings in water?

jeff5may 01-08-18 08:14 PM

The cheaper ones are stainless, the middle ones are cupronickel, and the expensive ones are titanium alloy. There are some aluminum ones as well.

Fordguy64 02-26-18 05:41 AM

so my neighbor and his sun have a geothermal company and they also do excavating/ponds.. i had his son out Thursday afternoon to get us a quote on a pond and geo. he said the just started the 30% tax credit up again for 5 years. i was very excited to hear this! then he proceeded to tell me that if we put the geo loops in the pond the pond will be part of that 30% tax credit!!!! that's super exciting. i'm currently waiting for the quotes to arrive. also our local utility offers 1200$ for new geo installs and a reduced electric rate from sept-march. its 2c per kw but that will add up!

our biggest probably with a typical pond geo is having to coils in the bottom of the pond(the wife and i do a lot of fishing). he said he typically doesnt like doing that kind of heat exchanger anyway. he said he typically does horizontal trenches bellow the bottom of the pond. Out pond will be 10-12feet deep. ive never seen this type of install before. does anyone have any thoughts??

Fordguy64 05-18-18 10:04 AM

well it happened... 1/2 acre and 13 ft deep

we didnt put any geothermal pipe in.. we talked a lot about it and decided we didnt want it in the pond.

im thinking about doing a pond pump and dump. we are going to be trenching out to the pond from the house at some point. its about 150 feet away. when we do that ill probably drop a loop of 1.25 hdpe in the hole while im at it.

I just need to figure out a way to get a serviceable "filter" in the pond that wont be in the way of fishing or swimming. im thinking about something that hangs off the bottom of the dock maybe 2-3 feet in the water. im open to ideas.

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