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oil pan 4 12-28-17 07:50 PM

Dirt cheap T8 led hybrid replacements at lowes
Item 0778115
Single T8 led replacement uses ballast or 120v power.
$4 each
They're on clearance so get them whIle they last.

oil pan 4 12-29-17 10:30 AM

I tested them up for 120 and 240 volt operation, they work great. They draw 17 volt-amps.
The T8 tubes out there now are drawing on average for the fixture 35w each.

First test will be just shoving them in wired for the ballast power and see how much less efficient they are.

pinballlooking 12-29-17 12:35 PM

Do you have a link to these?

oil pan 4 12-29-17 06:00 PM

oil pan 4 12-29-17 07:56 PM

I did option 1 on installing the leds.
Power consumption went up to 21.6 volt-amps.
That's like a 26% increase in power consumption.
But a third less than tubes.

oil pan 4 12-30-17 08:42 AM

I pulled down my 6 tube light fixture and ripped out the ballasts and rewired it for option 2, powering the tubes directly off 120v power.
If I can rewire something to make it 26% more efficient I'm going to.
The original light fixture was drawing almost 2.1 amps, now it draws 0.84 amps and is brighter.
Next step will be to install a timer switch.

So for around $40 I will reduce garage lighting consumption by 2/3 to 3/4 just by installing leds and a timer switch so the lights don't get left on.

pinballlooking 12-30-17 08:55 AM

They are still 7.98 here bummer

jeff5may 12-31-17 07:36 PM

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I have been using the LED strip light tape for the same type of applications. I did the stairwell to the basement this holiday season. The tape was stuck to the bottom of the handrail. Looks fabulous. I'm not exactly sure how much power the stuff draws, but I had the stairwell rigged up to a 9 watt wall wart for a few days and it ran hot. I stuck a 15 watt wall wart on the strip and it runs much cooler.
The can light at the bottom has a 15 Watt cfl bulb in it, soft white. The strip light is bright white 5050, 60 per meter. It is said to have a power draw of 15 watts per meter, and a luminosity of around 1000 lumens per meter. So my 5 meter strip should be drawing close to 75 watts and delivering 5000 lumens.

Total cost: $7.99 for 10 meters ( 2 each 5 meter strips) and I only used half on the handrail. A 4 lamp 4 foot ceiling fixture would come out about the same.

Compared to the T8 lamps, I would throw 5000 lumens instead of 10000, and use 75 watts instead of 128. Not counting wall warts or ballasts or whatever power supply, I'm happy with a quarter per foot.

where2 12-31-17 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 57820)
They are still 7.98 here bummer

The two pack is $7.50 at my store. Item # 778114 (apparently ELECTRONIC BALLAST ONLY)
The single bulb unit is $3.99 at my store. Item # 778115 (•Hybrid-works with or without ballast)

oil pan 4 01-01-18 11:37 AM

I highly recommend not using the ballast.

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