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Binger 08-29-09 06:06 PM

Honest article about blown insulation
I found this article while doing some research on blown cellulose
Welcome To Home Energy Magazine Online

This is probably the most honest article I have ever seen regarding setteling, shorting, and fluffing issues pertaining to blown insulation.

some companies are just dishonest, while the majority are unaware that these things are a problem

I think that this is a helpful article to read for those of us who are doing this type of work ourselves. So we can know how to account for setteling and ove fill the areas and maybe even go back up to the attic in two years and add some more if nessicary.

Daox 08-31-09 10:21 AM

Good article Binger. I know my calculations for my attic insulation was solely based off of the chart on the package. I blew in what I thought was enough and blew it all in evenly at least. I should go up and recheck to see what the settled depth is now.

Binger 09-22-09 06:11 PM

real names brian, thats just a nick name I've had since highschool that I use to make myself identifiable on all the forums I'm on.

checked my parents atic the other day for the source of a slight water leak.You have to climb up through the trap door in the attached garage. Found that the house itself has only R4 laying in what looked like 8" rafter beams and nothing on top of that or under the roof. And nothing in the rafters above the garage.
Sad that just because energy was so cheap in the 60's they didn't give a crap about insulating homes.

May offer to put in the labor if they decide to blow in some cellulose before winter. But its good to know about the setteling issues.

Did you check your attic yet?

Daox 09-22-09 06:50 PM

Thanks for the reminder. I just went and checked it now. It is currently at about 13 inches. This puts me exactly where I thought I'd be. R3.2*13=R41 + the R20 that was already up there.

When I first blew it in the depth was 15 inches.

It appears that my install went exactly as planned.

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