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sunspot 06-20-17 12:03 PM

repurposing golf balls
Over the last few years we've been gardening - a lot. And gardening seems to involve a lot of digging. As we dig we find... golf balls! Seems the previous owner spent his time smacking balls in every direction. I've been putting all these balls in a bucket thinking I'd find a use for them someday. Well, that day has come.

Started by cutting scrap fir lumber into sticks roughly 3/4" square and routing the corners. A belt sander made short work of sharpening both ends.

The golf balls got drilled using a step drill.

A bit of silicone glues the balls to the sticks.

And we now have standoffs for the garden netting over the strawberries.

pinballlooking 06-20-17 05:12 PM

Good repurpose I like it.

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