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strider3700 10-15-12 09:33 PM

Got a TED-5000
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Today My new TED-5000C arrived. that's one sensor and the remote display. The G model has no display and other letters indicate the number of sensors.

I installed it in the power panel 10 minutes after it arrived. It was easy enough but I ran out and bought a new 2 pole 15 amp breaker since I had the space and was concerned about line noise. It was an easy enough install if you're comfortable working in the panel. I was going to do a pictorial install but decided in the end If you can't figure it out and know what you're doing in there you shouldn't be inside the panel. You could die if you touch the wrong thing even with the main breaker off.

Installing the software on windows was trivial but that machine never managed to find the gateway. Linux install was also pretty easy but came with no instructions just a gzip. When installed it found the gateway within 20 seconds. After that I updated the firmware in the gateway for both the display and footprints the main dashboard you monitor things with on the server.

It works. Mostly. First things up - I'm not a fan of the decision to transmit the data over the powerlines. I had to plug the gateway in on the far side of my computer room anyways due to noise on the line where the computer is. That meant I had to run a longer ethernet cable to the router then provided. I could have run the cord from the power box pretty easily and it would be 100% rock solid. I've had a few drop outs of the gateway. the longest was 35 minutes right as I was having dinner.

I'm not a fan of the footprints software. At first it looks good, but it's got some issues. The first hour that I was collecting data apparently I used 32.1 kwh in about 15 minutes. After that it reports that I dropped back to the 0.8 kwh which is much more in line with what I expect to be using hourly.... Obviously the initial data was messed up at startup. There is no way to clean it out of the system other then reset and lose all data up to the point of the reset.

Also I get billed bi-monthly. Lots and lots of billing options exist but not that one.

luckily 3rd party apps are encouraged with a nice API, so If I wanted I could write my own or just find someone else's. I wish google hadn't shut down their powermeter project.
For everyone else here with a TED or other whole house meter with web connectivity what are you using to monitor/review the data?

THings I've already discovered that I couldn't without this meter. my Heatpump draws about 2.8 kwh when running. the auxilary heater (electric furnace) kicks on when my wife turns the thermostat up 1.5 or more degrees above the current temp. It draws close to 18 kwh. My furnace fan which is on whenever the heatpump or electric furnace is on or I have it set to circulate draws 600 watts and runs for 10 minutes on circulate. I use it to push the heat from my woodstove around. The fan for the woodstove draws 40 watts according to the kill-o-watt meter, making wood the obvious winner when it comes to electric consumption and heating.

It was interesting just how high things spiked when my wife had the oven and burners and everything else going while making dinner.

I'm really looking forward to tonight to see how often the new hotwater tank is kicking on to keep the tank warm. I can compare run times to my old tank which I took readings on 18 months ago now with my home built method.

Also direct readings of the dryer is going to be great now that we're entering the perpetual rain period and my clothes line will likely be empty for awhile.

I think I'll continue to manually read the meter for awhile to see how accurate the TED is compared to it. I have no worries about my smart meter, I'm more worried about the TED dropping some readings and being out.

Energy, Inc. 5000-C TED (The Energy Detective) 5000 -

strider3700 10-15-12 09:51 PM

I've discovered that if I turn my TV off that the gateway stops receiving signals. Why I have no idea...

I guess I'll try some other plugs and see what I get...

<edit> Luckily I have no issue drilling holes through my basement office walls. The Gateway is now plugged into the same circuit as the washing machine and works no matter what the TV is doing. I'll have to check when the washing machine runs if it's still working...


ecomodded 10-16-12 12:00 AM

Wonder if it would work if you plugged it into the stoves 120v accessory plug in ?

For winter cloths drying (time permitting) you could hang them in a room with a dehumidifier going, turn all that moisture into heat !

strider3700 10-16-12 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by ecomodded (Post 25070)
Wonder if it would work if you plugged it into the stoves 120v accessory plug in ?

My kitchen stove? maybe. I did read that you can use two 110V breakers so long as they are different phases. It would depend what the stove does internally to get back to 110 from the 220 going into it.

I found my dehumidifier to be quite power hungry. I'm not sure that it would save any power drying out clothes as well as sucking extra moisture out of the entire basement since my inside drying rack is in an area that can't effectively be closed off. It would probably be 600 or so sqft it would be trying to dry out as well as the clothes.

Daox 10-16-12 09:54 AM

Interesting problems. I honestly haven't had issues like you've described. The only thing I've noticed is a glitch I get maybe two times a year where it says I've used (or produced) a massive amount of power in one day. My data for that day is shot, but it goes right back to working correctly afterward.

celblazer 10-16-12 12:03 PM

My RED 5000 has been pretty reliable. The only thing that causes problems is one light on a ceiling fan. Turn it on and I lose communication. I have a lot of tech in the house so for me thats acceptable.

strider3700 10-16-12 12:15 PM

Well the washing machine running means no data since the time I said GO. I'll have to figure something else out.

ecomodded 10-16-12 06:55 PM

Perhaps a power line conditioner would solve your problem, could also try plugging it into the UPS back up power block.

strider3700 10-17-12 04:13 PM

First 24 hour smart meter to TED comparison is done

Smart meter reports 15 kwh used
Ted reports 14.707 kwh used

Since the smart meter always rounds to the nearest KWH I'm happy with the two match. I'll continue to manually read for the rest of the week at least.

ecomodded 10-17-12 04:48 PM

What was the fix the problem with it losing its memory

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