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Andrew Murphy 09-19-18 09:32 PM

Rigid 4 Gallon Portable Vac WD40700
Normally I am a Shop-Vac brand person, I thought I would try a Rigid after reading the views and that my last shop vac in which I repaired twice after the motor almost seized up and that the fuse went (I think it's a fuse. It was a yellow box screwed to the side of the motor). Plus the vacuum went after 3 years. The Ridgid I bought has a lot more suction and is a lot quieter than the shop vac I had. Plus it doesn't make a high pitch whining noise and comes with a lot better warrenty. Even though it was on sale it was a lot more than the shop vac. I guess you get what you pay for. Also I've done quite a bit of plaster sanding with it and it works great.

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