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pinballlooking 01-15-21 12:28 PM

I bought a 45 year old compressor yesterday on Market place.
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The pump is two stage rated at 8.8 CFM. Kellogg 321TX
He said it worked 5 years ago time will tell. The wiring needs redone.
I bought it mostly for extra capacity. But now that I see it has a great USA made cast iron pump. I will try to get it running.
I got it for $100 so I am pretty good shape at this point.

If I get it working good I will combine it to have more CFM for sand blasting and a backup for plasma cutting.

Daox 01-15-21 06:36 PM

Very nice find. I hope the wiring is all it needs.

pinballlooking 01-16-21 10:55 AM

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I drained a couple gallons of water out of it. the I ran fresh water into it until it came out clean.
I put a new pressure gauge on it clean out pressure switch Temp wired the motor.
It fired right up. I have it sitting a 100 psi now for a little while before I see if pressure switch is working.

The exit valve has a slow leak but so far everything is good.

Having a stacker lift sure makes draining much simpler.
I actually had it higher than this where I could just walk under it.

Here it is running.

It is hard to tell from this clip but it is not very loud.
I have to guard off until I clean it up.

Daox 01-16-21 11:28 AM

Ha, I was just about to say it seems very quiet! Thats so nice. So many of the newer compressors are so loud...

pinballlooking 01-17-21 11:08 AM

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Now it is not putting out the CFM it should. I am only getting about 2 CFM. I pulled the check valve. I was rusted up and not working very much.
I cleaned it wire brushed/sand paper. Put I very light coat of grease on it. it is working good now. I have 5 CFM now still too low.

The unloader is not working right. I took off the side. The unloader works pretty simple. It has a shaft the presses a Schrader valve that releases pressure on the head so it can restart not under load. There two weights as the compressor spins up the weight move out this pulls in the rod that pushes the Schrader valve. Now pressure is not released on the head and compressor builds pressure.

But the cylinders looked good and the outside bearings look good internals all looked good.

Mine has a bad Schrader valve so it is offloading all the time.
Luckily this part is available. I am going to take off the head to look at the valves.

This compressor has valves that are screwed into the head and needs a special tool to remove them @ $200 I saw where someone made the tool I think I will try to make my own tool. I don’t want to order a part until I know what other parts I need.

I will replace the drain in the bottom and pipe it out the bottom so you can reach it easily.
It needs a new exit valve.

I will clean out the pressure safety switch and maybe the pressure valve.

I think I will hydro test tank with water at 350 PIS
Similar to this guy

But you need to let it sit one hour under pressure.

pinballlooking 01-17-21 06:37 PM

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I have the compressor apart. It does not look that bad. The cylinders look great.

The intercooler pipes really need cleaned.

I have a new unloader valve and Head valve rebuild kits coming. $66 shipped.

pinballlooking 01-18-21 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 63456)
Ha, I was just about to say it seems very quiet! Thats so nice. So many of the newer compressors are so loud...

I have a craftsman 6.5 HP 240 Volt direct drive compressor.
That thing sounds like a air plane taking off. You do not want to be in the garage working while it is running.

I really dislike it and never really use it any more.

pinballlooking 01-31-21 08:00 AM

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I finally received my compressor parts. The unloader part was on backorder.
It is coming along nicely. I cleaned up the pressure relief valve.

I had to make some tools to remove the valves. They sell the tool to do this but $200 this is more money than I have in this whole project.
They are a bit ruff but worked.

I cleaned up the cooling pipes.

I cleaned up the head and rebuild the valves.

I put it all together and it did not build up pressure.
Took it apart and inspected the valves one valve was not lined up correctly. I fixed that one and checked the other valves one more time.
I put it back together and it is working good now.

Still want to do the hydro test but it needs to warm up before I do that.

pinballlooking 02-01-21 08:01 AM

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I let it sit over night and it is leaking air through the check valve. I found a new one on eBay $11.73 shipped it is on the way.

I ordered a new pressure switch I did not need an expensive one because I did not need a built-in unloader. I bought a square D for $17.12 shipped.

This HF tool worked great for taking off the pulley and removing the bearings.
I had it sitting on the shelf for a long time. Glad I got to use it.

I have the motor apart. Time to look at the bearings they are squeaking when running.
I have two new NTN Radial Ball Bearing, Double Shielded on the way for the motor.
$13.06 Shipped.

When I hydro test it I will test the safety valve if it is not working correctly I will replace it then.

pinballlooking 02-02-21 09:23 PM

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UPS delivered my bearings today. I clean up the motor and put the new bearings in.

I did a quick test with it no more squeaking. My check valve should be here tomorrow.

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