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faroun 11-01-08 08:08 PM

V8-4" the vawt of the year
i am happy to tell you that i have finished my latest vawt, it took alot of work and money to get the blade design correctly.

check it out at the link bellow

V8-4" vawt,savonius,vertical axis,wind turbine,ametek)



SVOboy 11-01-08 08:47 PM

Sweet stuff! Thanks for posting this up, :)

Daox 11-02-08 08:58 AM

Looks like a substancial step forward in design. Did you achieve your goal of 100W at X wind speed?

faroun 11-02-08 10:11 AM

yestarday was the first day that i have decided to stop thinking about the Vawt design and focus on the output. so i am buying a 30vdc ametek dc motor and i think i am ready to do some output testing, because it is time for that.

i will post results when i get few tools and the ametek.



SVOboy 11-02-08 12:23 PM

Cool beans, excited to hear what the results are!

faroun 11-07-08 09:16 PM

i am trying to buy a good 30vdc or another 38vdc ametek but oMG..the have gone crazy in prices..they are going well over a 100 on ebay...

have any of you tested with this kind of hobby moto??
XYH-C5065-14 Brushless Motor 1440watts 350kv - ( item 260115333148 end time 26-Nov-08 00:09:10 EST)


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