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EcoRenovator 05-22-15 05:08 AM


Originally Posted by OffGridKindaGuy (Post 45132)
A similar unit is already being made in China. Dual voltage too! :thumbup:

Buy 14W 18V Dual Output Waterproof Outdoor Foldable Folding Solar Panel Charger External 12V + 5V USB output from Reliable charger for 18650 battery suppliers on Ningbo Star Solar Co.,Ltd | Alibaba Group[/url]

Not sure it'd be as tough and it's mainly water resistant whereas this one looks pretty much waterproof...and bowling ball proof.

Daox 05-22-15 07:36 AM

I met up with Ben the other day at an alternative energy car show in our area. We talked a bit about the solar panel, it is not your run of the mill panel. It has some additional nice features in addition to the ruggedness that make it pretty nice. For instance, it has an automatic restart. So, if a cloud goes in front of the sun and the voltage drops and say your phone stops charging. The automatic restart will automatically start charging your phone when you get enough voltage again. A regular solar panel will not restart charging.

TimJFowler 05-26-15 09:52 AM

Cool product that looks well thought-out. Good Luck!


MetroMPG 05-26-15 03:32 PM

Ooo, can I win?

I probably can't, eh? I didn't see any small print!

Daox 06-10-15 12:17 PM

The winner is... *drum roll*

jeff5may! Congrats! :thumbup:

jeff5may 06-14-15 11:57 AM

Yay! It is people like Ben and Josh that drive this eco culture. Without them, the people like us could not point at actual products that were designed by a tangible, specific person or team of actual individual people to touch or speak to in person. This "builder" type of individual is dying slowly in society, as the industrial age makes way for the information age. I pledge to mercilessly promote this product to all I know . Just give me some cards and literature to spread the awareness.

OffGridKindaGuy 06-14-15 09:03 PM

Congrats! That's a sweet gizmo.. ;) Enjoy it, I would..

I can build you a nice 5 volt portable stereo amp/speaker to go with that. Bluetooth and all..

Here's an example..

pinballlooking 06-14-15 11:02 PM

Jeff Congrats! on getting the cool solar product.

novawestsolar 08-17-15 01:09 AM

Its temporary solar recharge via USB but there were interrupted will come when charging some device so far would install solar panels in your home might be better utilized.

OffGridKindaGuy 08-19-15 07:33 PM

Most of these were designed for the 5 volt Amp/Bluetooth units that I build except for the Whammer-Jammer with all of the LiPo's and the Lepai. It operates at 12 volts and the Bluetooth unit operates from a separate 5 volt bank battery. All totally portable and will operate for many hours on battery. Connect via Bluetooth and yer jammin'..

Took the Whammer-Jammer to the drive-in. Everyone around me turned their junk off.. LOL..

Here's some pics on ImageShack. Note that I moved the same Amp/Battery/Bluetooth around to most of the other speakers..

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