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celblazer 05-17-15 05:39 PM

Im in looks great.

pinballlooking 05-18-15 11:11 AM

I could use one but I never win.
But that is ok I know I am not lucky.

iamgeo 05-18-15 10:19 PM

Wow! This is really neat.

cowmeat 05-19-15 12:06 PM

Will it charge the 12V in my car?
My Insight came with a tiny solar panel (unfortunately) fixed to the hood of the car that the previous owner installed as ghetto-ily as possible. I assume it's to top off the 12V battery, but I'm not even sure it's functioning.
Would it be feasible to bungee one of your panels to the top of my car during the day at work, where it sits in the hot Florida sun every day, and then roll it up and throw it in the trunk every night? What kind of connections would I need to make that happen if it's possible?

Daox 05-19-15 12:11 PM

Yes, but you'd need a dc-dc converter. These panels are made to charge USB devices, and USB runs on 5V. So, the real answer is not real well.

cowmeat 05-19-15 12:37 PM

Got it, thanks man!

jimbell4 05-19-15 02:29 PM

The more solar the better. The sun shines on all of us.

OffGridKindaGuy 05-20-15 09:32 PM

A similar unit is already being made in China. Dual voltage too! :thumbup: : Buy 14W 18V Dual Output Waterproof Outdoor Foldable Folding Solar Panel Charger External 12V + 5V USB output from Reliable charger for 18650 battery suppliers on Ningbo Star Solar Co.,Ltd | Alibaba Group

BradC 05-21-15 12:11 AM

Neat concept. Hope it gets legs.

EcoRenovator 05-22-15 05:06 AM

Sign me up :) Good deal!

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