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Mikesolar 02-03-18 09:30 PM

Solar thermal fins for sale.
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OK you eco renovators. Here is the mother load, lol. I have a roll of "Bluetec" solar fin. It is a highly selective surface, made in Germany, for sale. I was going to go into the solar panel business but never got around to it.

Anyway, there is enough in this roll to make roughly 28 panels (4x8'). If anyone is handy, and I know a lot of you are, you could solder the tubing to the back of the fin. Use some of it on the side of a house or barn and pump directly to the floor heating or a tank. Lots of options.

I thought I would sell it for about $1500 ($50/panel?) plus shipping which considerably less than other options.

Now for the next item up for bids.........A Stapla Ultrasonic welder which was designed to weld copper tube onto the copper (or aluminum ) fin for the solar panels. It is good for many other things as well. This welder includes the sonotrode (vibrating part), controls and a bunch of actuators. I originally paid $25k for this thing and it would need about $3-5k to set it up (if you are handy, that is). I got a quote from Stapla near Boston to make the balance of the stuff for $8k a few years ago. I would let it go for $5k cash if someone wanted to have some fun with it. I try to find some photos of the finished unit if I can but my computer died so I would probably be searching the interweb for a suitable shot.

Mikesolar 02-13-18 05:51 PM

haha, not even a comment.

Mikesolar 09-06-18 06:01 AM

Oh good. I though everyone was sleeping, lol.

kylewalkerup 12-20-18 04:49 PM

Still available or sold out?

Mikesolar 12-20-18 05:16 PM

Still available. I haven't tried much to sell it.

randen 12-20-18 07:04 PM

Delivery included???

Mikesolar 12-26-18 08:14 AM

No free delivery to North Van. Perhaps to Strathroy if anyone actually lives there, lol.

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