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Xringer 12-18-16 09:00 PM

Refrigerant Charging Scale US $78.09
My 30 pound max baby scale has a problem working at the high end of it's range.. Not gonna work..

Saw this unit on Ebay.. And same model at Amazon for a bit more..
One good review too..

220 lbs Electronic Refrigerant Charging Digital Weight Scale with Case for HVAC | eBay

Anyways, the question to the old Pros..
Will this scale be good enough for a DIYer who uses it a few time per year?

PS: This scale would be used with the stuff on

Thanks for any comments..

Xringer 12-24-16 03:01 PM

Never mind.. I'll find out when it gets here..
Hope it's better than trying to use a bathroom scale.. (Terrible for items in the 20-30 pound range)!

CrankyDoug 12-26-16 05:53 PM

I've been looking at those for about two years - kept putting it off because I was concerned about accuracy/repeatability.

Let us know what you find.


Xringer 12-26-16 07:06 PM

There is one nice review on Amazon..
I will post a review on Amazon, and here..
I have my empty recovery tank that I can use to see how good the basic accuracy is..

Then I should be able use some 1 to 5 pound weights to see if it can measure
small amounts of weight added to and taken away from the main tank weight..

The only thing that's worrying me, is the time-out. Will it turn off in the middle of operations.?.
That should be very easy to test.. :)

skqueproducts 01-03-17 11:32 PM

Been looking for these as well.

Xringer 01-04-17 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by skqueproducts (Post 52928)
Been looking for these as well.

A small review is posted here:
And at Amazon..

pinballlooking 01-04-17 10:13 AM

I used my shipping scale last time I recharged my mini split. It is just two decimal points but it is pretty accurate.
The scale you bought is nicer so if it was doing this type work more I think I would get one like this one.

Xringer 01-04-17 10:48 AM

I'm gonna be a Grand Dad very soon, so I'll be able to check the accuracy
of the scale that I got for my grandson,
I'll use one of the 10 pound weights as my standard.. In the ounces mode..
Yeah, I think he's gonna be big! :D

Elcam84 01-11-17 11:36 AM

I would trust it allot more than I would a bathroom scale. Those are not very accurate across the scale and not that great are lower weights.

I haven't used that item but I have found the accuracy of similar items are the quite good.

WyrTwister 01-11-17 12:47 PM

I have used an electronic bathroom scale . Not the best in the world . :-(

And it timed out too quickly . I had to repeatably pick up the refrigerant jug and sit it back down on the scale to get the scale to " wake up " again . :-(

Be interested on your comments after you have a chance to use it .

God bless

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