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NghiaTD 07-10-19 11:53 AM

About Insulation Piece in solar panel
Hello everybody,
I'm an intern and I'm searching about Insulation Piece in solar panel. This word is new for me and I didn't find anything about it. Can you give me some link about it?
You help is very important for me!
Hope you are happy and healthy!
Thanks everyone.

philb 07-12-19 06:23 PM

Do you have more information? Are they photovoltaic or water panels?

NghiaTD 07-12-19 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by philb (Post 61014)
Do you have more information? Are they photovoltaic or water panels?

Yes, I want to more infomation about PV panels.

NiHaoMike 07-12-19 11:24 PM

I think they're referring to the white plastic covering the back side of the panel for electrical insulation. No idea why it's white, since making the back side black would help to radiate heat. (I'm going to guess the specific kind of plastic used is white and the pigments used to change the color have undesirable effects in that application.)

where2 07-13-19 02:38 PM

If what you are searching for is what was described above, it is commonly referred to as the "Back Sheet".

NiHaoMike: some back sheets are black. The last Canadian Solar modules I ordered are black frame, monocrystalline, with black back sheet. (I'm doing a ground mount with those and wanted to blend into the scenery). I've seen the encapsulant (the clear goo around the cells) change color over time, and turn yellow on panels with white back sheets.

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