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pinballlooking 09-18-20 05:21 PM

I ordered an ebike. Now time to mod it.
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My new bike folds up so I can put it in my Chevy Volt.
I will remove the fenders and the back rack.

It folds in the middle and handle bars fold.
It has hydraulic brakes and 5 modes of pedal assist.
750 watt hub motor
48V/10.4AH Samsung lithium battery
They say "Brushless motor can produce speeds up to 30 MPH in just 10 seconds." We will see if this is true. (This is not true about 24 MPH)

I did not get the color I wanted I may powder coat it.

Daox 09-23-20 02:46 PM

Looks fun. How much and how long until you get it?

pinballlooking 09-23-20 02:57 PM

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It was expensive but I thought I needed shocks and I wanted hydraulic brakes.
It would not be good to have a bike that hurts my back that I can’t ride. 750-watt motor adds to the price.

It was $1,449 shipped with a $50 coupon code.
I get it later today hopefully it has traveled well.

This one is $899 and it gets good reviews.

I really liked the SONDORS FOLD XS
I just could not spend that much. $1699

It got here in good shape. But it was dark I will try it out tomorrow.

pinballlooking 09-24-20 08:14 AM

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I went for a 8 mile ride this morning.
I need a new seat, but it was a fun ride.

Wanna Beco 09-27-20 07:08 PM

That's cool looking and good specs. I would like an Onyx RCR , but they are very pricey. It seems like you have to spend 1500 to get a bike that is useable. I think you did good.

pinballlooking 09-27-20 11:01 PM

Thanks. I thought I could get one for 1K but after researching what features I wanted that was not going to happen.
I really like the hydraulic brakes. The regen would only be useful if you have big hills. It could be used like a brake like down shifting manual car.
It really slows you down just like the regen on my Chevy Volt.

Onyx RCR That thing looks sweet... But the are proud of it $$$

I rode today it was fun I have been trying to ride faster and pedal more.

Wanna Beco 09-27-20 11:12 PM

Yeh the onyx will do 60 MPH. That is crazy. I have been looking at the rad runners and juiced bikes. Like the super 73 line, but overpriced for what you get... other than the coolest looking bikes. Keep us updated on your real world impressions!

pinballlooking 09-28-20 11:03 AM

The controller right now in pedal assist tops out at 6 amps. But the bike tops out 19-21 amps.

If you want to ride fast and still have pedal assist it would really work very well. They say this is for safety reasons. But it is not how I want to use the bike at all.

I want to ride 20-25… and have pedal assist help me in the endeavor.

They have an upgraded controller that will allow me to ride the way I want to ride. I have been working with support to get the new controller.

They have agreed to send it to me if I pay shipping. $25 one week or $7 three weeks. I do not want to wait 3 weeks so I am going with the $25.

Under features they had the display manual a color display and pointed out that I got the wrong display and they quickly took down the color display manual they had under features. I am trying to get them to send me the color display but I am not sure if they will honor what they had listed on their web site.

We have been back and forth a few times. Every email takes one day to get a reply and if there is a weekend 48 hours.

I still like the bike just a couple things to get worked out.

pinballlooking 09-29-20 08:18 AM

They have made everything right. They said the will send me the color display. It is just not color that makes the difference.

I shows % of battery this is big the other one just has like 5 bars.

The display has more adjustments. I am looking forward to getting it and adjusting it to how I want to ride.

I have the new controller on order it is coming from China but I paid for faster shipping. It will still take 7-10 days.

Things to look for when buying.

Front shocks some have them some don’t you decide.

Back shocks a few have them.
Battery size and location does it lock?

Brakes most are disk but some are mechanical and will need more adjustments some are hydraulic. These bikes are heave mine is about 60 pounds mine are hydraulic brakes and they are excellent.

Do you want fat tires? They can be ridden on sand at the beach big plus they are more
forgiving on bumps but just a choice.

If you can get a bafang electric motor do it this is a better motor. The good thing is it is a direct replacement at some point I may upgrade to one.

Do you like to tinker and upgrade? There many things you can change to improve your bike.

Daox 09-29-20 08:27 AM

Its always great to hear companies doing the right thing and supporting their customers. Thanks for sharing your process!

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